San Diego Day Five - The Beach

We had one full beach day and we went to three beaches. Ocean Beach was our favorite, followed by Coronado Beach. Other than Fiesta Island, which has a dirty muddy looking shoreline, those were the only beaches I could find in the San Diego area that allowed dogs. They loved the beach, even through they were terrified of the waves at first. They would chase a receding wave, and then run away terrified when a new wave rolled it. Finally they decided to brave it, and discovered that the new wave would not kill them. Howard even got bold enough to swim out a little ways in some of the milder waves. Sadie never quite got there. We didn't have a toy to throw for Howard, but we found some sea weed to throw for him and he loved it. Here he is after getting super hyper from being in the water, joyfully flinging the sea weed about:

And running with a piece of something we couldn't identify. Some kind of sea plant that looks kind of like a heart with an attached aorta.

Tim playing with Howard.

Tim getting motivated and digging with the doggie bowl to make a top secret sculpture.

The finished product.

People seemed to find this amusing and we caught several people snapping pictures. Ok fine, it was just one woman. But I figure if we caught her, there must have been more people in awe of Tim's genius.
We spent some time relaxing in the tub. After awhile a guy approached us and said he saw all of the hard work that had gone into it, and did we want him to take some pictures of us in the tub. What a thoughtful guy. Notice puppies sticking close behind Tim.

Romantic beach picture.

And video of the beach and puppies running around. Howard prances past the camera several times proudly carrying his heart/aorta, and notice how he runs in terror from the wave near the end. This video was taken right after he was first introduced to the beach, so he was a little unsure of the waves' intentions.


  1. I like the bathtub! Did you fill it with salt water?
    Looks like Howie had the best time of all.

  2. Most definitely I'd have taken a picture of the two of you in that tub.

  3. That tub is simply brilliant.

  4. How fun! I love that bath tub. I've actually never been on a beach, so I don't even know what it would be like. It sounds really awesome though. :)


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