Hypothetically Awesome News

Remember when I posted this? The hypothetical post about Bob, who had gotten me sick twice because of the way he did not contain his germs when sick? And how it was really gross? And how he actually hacked lougies in his cubicle? Well, have I got news for you! Bob has moved. I no longer share a cube wall with him. Of course, he did get me sick one more time before moving (I'm telling you, I have not been in possession of an immune system since I got pregnant. I hope it comes back. Immune system? Hello? Please come back...) But, small price to pay, because never again. Never ever ever will a person spew filth and germs into my personal space in that way on a routine basis. A bold statement perhaps, but really, never had I encountered someone this loud and well, spewing, before this in an office setting, and I really don't anticipate encountering someone like this again. The silence of the empty cube next to me is glorious. Oh, and I know who is moving next to me instead, and having sat next to this person before, I can safely say that I'm going to be living in a dream world from here on out. Let the dream begin!


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