Hello Third Trimester and 28 Weeks

I've noticed a few new thing happening since week 25. During week 26 the baby got her first case of hiccups, well, the first case I noticed anyway. She has been getting them fairly often since, usually once or twice a day. She has been steadily moving more often and I can see the movements better when I look at my stomach. Tim and I started taking natural childbirth classes and during the class when I was supposed to be relaxing I felt her moving around and then Tim put his hand on my stomach because he could see her moving so well through my shirt. We're really liking the classes so far. St. Marks is the only hospital in the area I could find that offered natural childbirth classes, the other hospitals offered just general childbirth classes, so go St. Marks.

A couple of weeks ago I got some cramps for a few hours straight. They felt like that time of the month cramps but at their worst. I went in to my doctor's and by the time I got there they were totally gone. They tested a few things, but everything seemed to be fine and I haven't had any since. Hopefully I don't get any more of those until my due date is actually approaching, I was really worried. Seems like pregnancy is weird like that though, I still have sharp side pain when I do too much high impact activity too, so I guess mystery aches and pains are fairly normal, it's just a little stressful because most of them COULD be a big deal and you just never know.

My stomach is starting to feel like cramped quarters already. I can't believe she is still going to gain about 6 pounds in there! I was surprised when I read that most women gain around 15 pounds in the first two trimesters and only 10 in the third. I thought with the baby gaining so much weight in the third the total weight gain would be more, but now I think I understand. Your stomach is so squished there just isn't space in there for eating much at a time. I've noticed a definite decrease in appetite in the past few weeks. I'm still eating plenty, but the desire to have dinner and a dessert is a no go now. Probably a good thing. Except for those times when I have the second but not the first...

One really funny thing about this time in pregnancy is my inability to gauge my new size correctly. Several times now I've tried to slip through a space gracefully and gotten stopped abruptly by the new big tummy. I wonder if I'll adjust before the end of pregnancy or just keep running into things?

I saw an ad on KSL posted by a woman who has two girls both born in the fall selling lots of baby clothes. I was able to get onesies, sleepers, hats, pants and blankets all at less than a dollar per item. This was being really selective too and only choosing things that I thought were really adorable and looked brand new. Now I'm wondering if I should go back and get more, I only got up to 9 months, but she had clothes up to 3 years and as cheap and cute as those clothes are it might be worth a second trip. Used is definitely the way to go! Picking the clothes Tim kept getting sappy over the pants. For some reason the tiny little jeans got to him, it was cute and funny. I was the same way of course, those tiny little clothes just really make you realize how itty bitty and adorable your baby is going to be.

Overall this is a nice time in pregnancy. I'm a little more uncomfortable physically, but mentally it is great because I get almost constant reassurance that the baby is doing okay via hiccups and movements.


  1. Alyson got hiccups all the time in utero, it's kind of a weird experience, isn't it? I'm glad to hear that things are progressing as they should be. I utilized yard sales a lot for those first couple of years. The baby grows so fast that they really don't wear anything out. Go back and get some more cute stuff! (I can shop forever in the baby department with any little excuse.)

  2. Looks like you got quite a stash of baby clothes. You're looking Definitely Pregnant now. But still cute!

  3. Yeah, I agree. You should head on back to that lady's place and pick up even more stuff. Unless yard sales full of baby stuff are a dime a dozen...then I guess it's not such a big deal. Used is totally the way to go. I can't even imagine how much money you'd be spending if you got all that stuff new. I really is exciting actually seeing all that stuff that she's gonna be wearing here in a few months. I agree with Tim. There's just something about those tiny little pants. :) She's gonna look soooo adorable.


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