Sep 25, 2009

Oh, the inconvenience of it all

At my last doctor's appointment I asked him if he allows delivery in different positions other than the standard on your back. He said that sometimes he will, but it is very inconvenient. Hmm... inconvenient. Clearly not inconvenient for me, since tears occur more often in that position than in almost any other position, since I'm not getting any help from gravity on my back, and since laying on my back is ill advised during pregnancy in general because a major blood vessel is compressed by the uterus. Clearly not inconvenient for my baby whose heart rate can drop due to the decreased blood flow. Obviously he feels that patients pay him thousands of dollars so that he can be the one convenienced. He went on to weakly site how much of a hassle it can be to hand the baby off to the mom if she is in any position other than her back. No mention of safety concerns or any other seemingly legit reasoning. Now, there are a lot of other things he has said that have bothered me in the past, but this took the cake. We promptly decided to revisit the idea of a midwife instead of a doctor. We'd interviewed one midwife before, but didn't feel like she was quite what we were looking for. We met with another this week, and both really liked her. I called and made the switch, and happily am now under the care of someone who I am paying thousands of dollars to make birth convenient for me (safety allowing of course).

Sep 20, 2009

Hypothetically Awesome News

Remember when I posted this? The hypothetical post about Bob, who had gotten me sick twice because of the way he did not contain his germs when sick? And how it was really gross? And how he actually hacked lougies in his cubicle? Well, have I got news for you! Bob has moved. I no longer share a cube wall with him. Of course, he did get me sick one more time before moving (I'm telling you, I have not been in possession of an immune system since I got pregnant. I hope it comes back. Immune system? Hello? Please come back...) But, small price to pay, because never again. Never ever ever will a person spew filth and germs into my personal space in that way on a routine basis. A bold statement perhaps, but really, never had I encountered someone this loud and well, spewing, before this in an office setting, and I really don't anticipate encountering someone like this again. The silence of the empty cube next to me is glorious. Oh, and I know who is moving next to me instead, and having sat next to this person before, I can safely say that I'm going to be living in a dream world from here on out. Let the dream begin!

Sep 17, 2009

Drunk with Power

You know when there are two lanes merging and everyone else is politely already all merged and then there is always that one bastard who thinks his time is worth more than yours who rushes up past everyone else in the lane about to merge and cuts everyone off? Well. I am making a difference in this world by thwarting them. I don't know why I never thought of it on my own, but I saw someone riding the center line way in advance of the merge to block these people off the other day and I've been doing it ever since. The power! Oh, the power! As I watch them in my rearview merging in where they're supposed to instead of cutting us all off I cackle loudly to myself, drunk with power and righteousness. That's right jerks. That's right. Lesson learned! Ahhhh... you should really try thwarting one of these people at your very next opportunity, it's fantastic. I just know I'm really putting them in their places. They're clearly changed men when I'm done with them. It is amazing.

Sep 13, 2009

The Baby's Room

Tim put a lot of work into making the baby's room beautiful. He decided to add wainscoting and also some cool trim above it. It started out with one blue wall... which I was never too fond of so this was a good excuse to spend the time to paint over it finally.

Shoot. Just realized I didn't rotate this picture. Why doesn't blogger let you rotate pictures once you add them to your post? Or maybe it does and I don't know how. Well, if you do know how please let me know! Anyway, here Tim is taking a break with his super fancy caulk gun.

And I'm not sure what he's doing here, but notice the crown molding he put in. I had no idea he was going to put so much effort into the room, but it does look very nice now.

The room is mostly done now. We still want to paint a mural on the wall, and we need to get a dresser, but other than those things I think it is done.

I sewed these curtains to match the bedding set. It took me almost a whole day. Who knew curtain sewing was so much work? Not as much work as wainscoting and crown molding, but still!

Before I found this glider we had purchased a used recliner. Once it was in the room it looked HUGE. It took up a fourth of the room and didn't really match anything anyway. Bad purchase.. at least the glider was cheap.

Sep 12, 2009

Hello Third Trimester and 28 Weeks

I've noticed a few new thing happening since week 25. During week 26 the baby got her first case of hiccups, well, the first case I noticed anyway. She has been getting them fairly often since, usually once or twice a day. She has been steadily moving more often and I can see the movements better when I look at my stomach. Tim and I started taking natural childbirth classes and during the class when I was supposed to be relaxing I felt her moving around and then Tim put his hand on my stomach because he could see her moving so well through my shirt. We're really liking the classes so far. St. Marks is the only hospital in the area I could find that offered natural childbirth classes, the other hospitals offered just general childbirth classes, so go St. Marks.

A couple of weeks ago I got some cramps for a few hours straight. They felt like that time of the month cramps but at their worst. I went in to my doctor's and by the time I got there they were totally gone. They tested a few things, but everything seemed to be fine and I haven't had any since. Hopefully I don't get any more of those until my due date is actually approaching, I was really worried. Seems like pregnancy is weird like that though, I still have sharp side pain when I do too much high impact activity too, so I guess mystery aches and pains are fairly normal, it's just a little stressful because most of them COULD be a big deal and you just never know.

My stomach is starting to feel like cramped quarters already. I can't believe she is still going to gain about 6 pounds in there! I was surprised when I read that most women gain around 15 pounds in the first two trimesters and only 10 in the third. I thought with the baby gaining so much weight in the third the total weight gain would be more, but now I think I understand. Your stomach is so squished there just isn't space in there for eating much at a time. I've noticed a definite decrease in appetite in the past few weeks. I'm still eating plenty, but the desire to have dinner and a dessert is a no go now. Probably a good thing. Except for those times when I have the second but not the first...

One really funny thing about this time in pregnancy is my inability to gauge my new size correctly. Several times now I've tried to slip through a space gracefully and gotten stopped abruptly by the new big tummy. I wonder if I'll adjust before the end of pregnancy or just keep running into things?

I saw an ad on KSL posted by a woman who has two girls both born in the fall selling lots of baby clothes. I was able to get onesies, sleepers, hats, pants and blankets all at less than a dollar per item. This was being really selective too and only choosing things that I thought were really adorable and looked brand new. Now I'm wondering if I should go back and get more, I only got up to 9 months, but she had clothes up to 3 years and as cheap and cute as those clothes are it might be worth a second trip. Used is definitely the way to go! Picking the clothes Tim kept getting sappy over the pants. For some reason the tiny little jeans got to him, it was cute and funny. I was the same way of course, those tiny little clothes just really make you realize how itty bitty and adorable your baby is going to be.

Overall this is a nice time in pregnancy. I'm a little more uncomfortable physically, but mentally it is great because I get almost constant reassurance that the baby is doing okay via hiccups and movements.

Sep 11, 2009

Howie Wuffs Her

Look at this bond they have already.

Sep 6, 2009


I have been reading up on birth in order to know all of my options ahead of time. I like plans. =) I know birth isn't something you can plan out exactly, but I want to go in with at least a little bit of a plan. I got several books from the library a few weeks ago*. Before reading them I was of the mindset that I wanted to give natural birth a whirl if I can handle the pain, but after reading them I much more motivated not to use any drugs if I am physically capable of avoiding them. I made myself a pros and cons list for an epidural and for the use of induction drugs (pitocin probably), and as you can see by how short the pros side of the list is for each, I'm currently feeling confident about natural birth being the right way to go for me. Although most of the risks I'm worried about haven't been conclusively proven there are at least a few that have. No telling how I'll feel about this plan once I actually go into labor, but at the moment I want a natural birth.



  • Reduced pain in the short run, assuming the epidural works correctly on both sides of the body, which sometimes it doesn't.

  • My blood pressure may drop, causing my baby a lack of oxygen which might mean the use of forceps or vacuum to get her out quickly, or a c section if those fail.
  • The above risk means that I will have no freedom to walk around and labor in the positions that feel natural to me and to take advantage of gravity because I will be strapped to monitors to keep close tabs on both me and my baby.
  • While the baby can be yanked outta there with forceps or a c section if her heart rate decreases due to lack of oxygen, I do wonder, how do you know how much of an impact the lack of oxygen has had? I don't believe that anyone can answer this question with certainly and that worries me. I'm sure the risk here has gotta be very small, because epidurals have been used for so long, but I'm convinced there is a tiny risk.
  • Increased risk of forceps or vacuum mean increased risk for severe tearing or an episiotomy. (Eeeeeeeekkkk!!!)
  • Need to be catheterized, and if that isn't enough, may get UTI due to this later.
  • May get back ache or headaches later, possibly long term.
  • The baby may have more trouble nursing after epidural, which means a longer hospital stay for her until that problem is resolved. And a short hospital stay is one of my hopes.
  • Can't control my pushing as well, and because the faster the baby comes out the more likely I tear, this is something I want to control if I can.


  • Speed things up

  • Again, strapped to monitors, so above epidural cons related to that apply.
  • Speed things up too much, to the point where contractions are unbearable and require epidural.
  • Speed things up to the point where the baby doesn't get enough oxygen, heart rate slows, and then see above rant related to this same problem with the epidural.
The more I read the more appealing home birth sounds. Statistically moms and babies do just as well with a home birth as a hospital birth. I'm really on the fence about this one and I need to hurry up and decide since I've only got three months to go until my due date. There sure are a lot of decisions and a lot of learning to do about birth!

*I liked The Bradley Method and Your Best Birth best so far.

Sep 2, 2009

San Diego Day Five - The Beach

We had one full beach day and we went to three beaches. Ocean Beach was our favorite, followed by Coronado Beach. Other than Fiesta Island, which has a dirty muddy looking shoreline, those were the only beaches I could find in the San Diego area that allowed dogs. They loved the beach, even through they were terrified of the waves at first. They would chase a receding wave, and then run away terrified when a new wave rolled it. Finally they decided to brave it, and discovered that the new wave would not kill them. Howard even got bold enough to swim out a little ways in some of the milder waves. Sadie never quite got there. We didn't have a toy to throw for Howard, but we found some sea weed to throw for him and he loved it. Here he is after getting super hyper from being in the water, joyfully flinging the sea weed about:

And running with a piece of something we couldn't identify. Some kind of sea plant that looks kind of like a heart with an attached aorta.

Tim playing with Howard.

Tim getting motivated and digging with the doggie bowl to make a top secret sculpture.

The finished product.

People seemed to find this amusing and we caught several people snapping pictures. Ok fine, it was just one woman. But I figure if we caught her, there must have been more people in awe of Tim's genius.
We spent some time relaxing in the tub. After awhile a guy approached us and said he saw all of the hard work that had gone into it, and did we want him to take some pictures of us in the tub. What a thoughtful guy. Notice puppies sticking close behind Tim.

Romantic beach picture.

And video of the beach and puppies running around. Howard prances past the camera several times proudly carrying his heart/aorta, and notice how he runs in terror from the wave near the end. This video was taken right after he was first introduced to the beach, so he was a little unsure of the waves' intentions.

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