The Wedding SLC Style

For the family and friends ceremony I reserved a couple of group campsites at the Jordan Pines campground up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Other than having the dress, reserving a place for the wedding, and having my invitations made, I didn’t see the point in doing a whole lot more planning. Tim’s mom and sisters kept threatening me, telling me if I didn’t do the planning they’d come over and make me. Which they did a few weeks before the wedding. They took charge of the food, and Tim’s sister Missy even made the wedding cake. My family came into town a week before the wedding and seemed to think I ought to do even MORE planning. I had to agree a couple of tents in case it rained, chairs, speakers, and an arbor were nice touches.

I got into my dress in a tent at the campground. The bridesmaids and my mom were there to help. The music began and the flower girls, Ashlee and Stella, began to walk down the aisle throwing their petals to the acoustical version of the Princess Bride theme song. Next came the bridesmaids accompanied by the groomsmen, my brothers Eric and Seth and Tim’s brother Mike, all in tuxes with daisy boutonnieres. April told me later that when it was her turn to walk down the aisle with Seth she was getting ready to take his arm when instead he took charge and grasped her arm firmly. She said she felt like she was being escorted by the CIA. Looking at this picture cracks me up because he really does look like some kind of bodyguard or something with his dark sunglasses and his firm grasp on her arm.

The weather was perfect. Warm but not hot, sunny, but with good shade under the numerous trees at the campground.

Tim’s dad and Tim were waiting in front of the arbor talking and didn’t even know the wedding was starting until the wedding party started walking down the aisle. Tim still tells me how when he saw me come out of the tent he was blown away by how gorgeous I looked and by how perfect the dress was. My dad and I walked down the aisle to “You belong to me”. I fell in love with the Bob Dylan version and it was Tim and I’s song because it goes, “just remember till you’re home again, you belong to me”. Tim traveled a lot, so it fit, and “you belong to me” is now inscribed in our rings. Tim insisted my love for the Bob Dylan version was an acquired taste, and that no one would be able to take the wedding seriously with Bob Dylan’s nasal voice guiding me down the aisle. I had to admit he had a point, so I chose the version by Jason Wade instead. I forgot to let my dad bid me farewell, oops, lack of planning and rehearsal… but he remembered and gave me two big hugs and a kiss, a moment that was really touching and I think I will always remember clearly.

Instead of hiring a photographer, we had family and friends snap pictures and gathered them together later. I was very happy with the photos everyone took. I like how excited Tim is about the cake in this picture:

My brother Eric has a gift for photography, and I put him in charge. He even gave us a photo album full of his favorite pictures, which I love and proudly display in my living room now.

We were both so relieved that it was over and it went smoothly that we kind of forgot ourselves when the whole you may kiss the bride part came. Tim might have gone a little overboard, but it made for a memorable kiss.

Here we are walking off after the ceremony. Only to turn around again when we realized we hadn't had any wedding pictures taken yet. Ahhh, lack of planning strikes again.

I like this one.


  1. Tess, you looked so perfect in your dress. So beautiful! And what a great location to have the ceremony.

  2. Everything went so well, and you guys were the cutest couple. Funny about Seth and April. I can see Seth in the bodyguard role!

  3. You look so pretty and both so happy. Love the ceremony details.

  4. Ohhhh, you guys look SO GREAT! What a beautiful wedding!


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