San Diego Day Two – The Zoo is Cool, But Seriously, This Cabin Sucks

Howard looking better and the cabin being cooler first thing in the morning made us feel more optimistic about the place. Yes, it was a little hot at night, but perhaps yesterday was just a hot day, or maybe the owner had just opened the windows right before we arrived. With the fan blowing and the windows open we left the dogs outside in the nice fenced backyard and ventured off to the San Diego Zoo.

This wolf was really pretty, and she had a little friend, a golden retriever who she was raised with since she was a puppy. They said being raised with a dog helped influence the wolf to be more domestic.

Here is Tim posing for his pregnancy week 25 belly shot. Pretty impressive bump, right?

And me, feeling a little outdone by Tim, but liking the hedge elephant behind me.

The polar bear was sleepy. Right before this he walked around in a circle like a dog before settling himself down for a nap.

We were able to see the panther pacing back and forth just a few feet in front of us. He is so sleek and beautiful.

He is a little hard to see, but one ape was really posing for the crowd up on his rock.

This guy looked like Jabba The Hut to me.

The hippo was surprisingly graceful prancing through the water.

This monkey and his buddy were really busy sifting through their own poop. They were going through it very meticulously, not wanting to risk missing finding any… uhhh… we don’t know. But it was important.

Even the Flamingos were fun to watch. We were laughing about how a lot of them slept with one leg dangling behind them, it was goofy looking. Then there were a couple of flamingos in the water who were moving their knees back and forth in time with the music playing at the zoo while their heads were under the water.

I had a lot of fun at the zoo, but I did feel like the layout could use some improvement. Everything was so scattered around that it was a huge hike to see it all and by the end I was totally exhausted.

When we arrived back at the cabin, the host came over right away to tell us that Sadie barked the entire day. Without stopping. Great. Not that we could blame her, the next day we noticed a racket that sounded like a lamb being slaughtered coming from somewhere nearby, so it's no wonder she barked all day. But, the reason we chose the cabin was because it had a backyard where we could leave the dogs during the day, without that option we may as well be staying somewhere with AC closer to downtown San Diego. We decided to figure out how we were going to solve that problem in the morning, and put some steak on the grill. After leaving the cooked steak unattended for just a minute, we came out to find Howard scarfing it down. Well, at least he had his appetite back, we thought, although ultimately the steak would disagree with him and this would cause quite a scene the following day. A faint sewage smell that I had noticed a little when running the water in the bathroom started to get stronger. We started noticing it all over the cabin. That night the cabin was even hotter. Finally I got up and soaked my feet in ice water in the dogs' water bowl. It is the only way I was able to cool down enough to get to sleep.


  1. I think your belly pics beat Tim's easily. Beautiful wolf in the picture.
    I hadn't heard about the steak scarfing incident. No wonder Howard was sick the next day!

  2. sounds like this cabin is a real shitball. too bad.

    seems like you had fun otherwise though :) fun pics from the zoo.. that is a disgusting one of the monkeys sifting through their poop.

    i do remember the sd zoo requiring a fair amount of hiking. did you like the aviary?

  3. That panther looks so gorgeous. And I don't know...I think Tim's belly pic is pretty damned impressive for 25 weeks. You should ask him how he stays looking so slender. Hopefully the baby's okay in there.

  4. We didn't even see the aviary section, that zoo is too huge. I think it might be better to spend two days there!

  5. I LOVE the San Diego zoo! And YES, it is HUMONGOUS! There's seriously NO WAY to get through it all in one day, I think. Wow...looks like Tim is gaining some empathy weight there. LOL


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