San Diego Day Three – Ahhhh… La Quinta I Love You

The next day we wasted hours debating what to do. We wanted to say at La Quinta instead, but we had already paid for all 5 nights at the cabin. Finally, after much feeling guilty about wasting money, we packed up and left for La Quinta. Cutting our losses was the best decision of the trip. We made ourselves feel better by assuming that the moment we drove away was the moment the owner was running full speed towards our cabin, sharpened axe in hand. We got away just in the nick of time.

It was too late to go to Sea World that day like we had planned, but I had found a doggie daycare to take the dogs to the next day so we decided we would do Sea World then. Tim had been working with a project manager for a general contracting company in San Diego who he wanted to meet and visit with, and we headed out to do that. Meeting him went well. We had to leave the dogs out in the car, but it wasn't too hot outside and when I went to check on them the air in the car didn't feel too hot. When the end of the work day rolled around the owner of the company was pulling out of the parking lot, just after Tim and I had unloaded the dogs from the car to give them some water in the front yard of the business. The owner drove up next to us and rolled down the window to say goodbye. Just then Howard's butt started to explode. He was standing with his tail tucked between his legs, an expression of embarrassment and horror on his face as he involuntarily crouched down just a little and diarrhea began shooting out all over his tail, and exploded all over the zeroscaped front yard. The owner had started to drive off as Tim waved goodbye and smiled and Tim looked down at Howard just as he was starting to explode. Tim felt pretty embarrassed about the whole thing, and we aren't sure if the owner saw or not, but there is a good chance she did. The guy Tim had come to meet with was still inside, and so we had a few minutes to clean up the mess as best we could. He came out right when Tim was hosing down Howard's butt though, and asked why we were giving our dog an enema. Ahhhh. What is it they say about first impressions? Things went well after that though. He asked if we wanted to drive around a bit and see some affordable neighborhoods. Tim had mentioned to him that we might be interested in moving out to San Diego and it turned out his wife is in real estate and he knew off the top of his head the prices right around that neighborhood. It was cool to see what we could get, and Tim got a chance to talk to him longer which was nice because they got along so well.

We drove out to a dog beach after that and didn't quite make it before dark. The dogs still got to run though and the beach was beautiful at night and felt all romantic-like.

Arriving back to an air conditioned hotel room with a shower that did more than dribble a tiny trickle of water and no sewage smell was like a dream. I was lulled to sleep on the soft bed to the gentle sound of an air conditioner. Zzzzzzz.....


  1. Poor Howard. He provided you with a most embarrassing moment -- for him, and for you!
    Yes, going to La Quinta was a good move. The other place was just ridiculously bad.

  2. that sounds like a helluvan improvement going to the motel!

    i agree -- poor Howie!!! sounds like the meeting with that guy went well though.

  3. Okay...gonna take back my interest in your cabin before. I'm not even REMOTELY interested in it. BUT! I would like to stay in a secluded cabin that has adequate A/C and smell someday.
    I'm glad you guys opted for La Quinta. Sorry to hear about Howard though. Yikes! :/

  4. Aw, but Alexis, I was gonna give you the cabin contact info! Actually, it was like 10 feet from the owner's house. And then really far away from anyone else.

    Yes, I guess I should have followed up the story of Howard's incident by saying that he never felt better afterward. At least he didn't have to feel bad for too long.


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