San Diego Day One – Arrival at the Cabin

I reserved us a cabin in Descanso, which is about 40 minutes away from downtown San Diego. On our way to the cabin on the first night we got delayed an hour because of some wrong turns and didn’t get close until after dark. As we drove along the remote highway leading to the Descanso exit Tim casually mentioned something along the lines of how he wasn’t sure how safe this area would be. Here I was thinking how quaint the cabin would be and now all of a sudden the line “you got a perty mouth… now squeal like a pig!” started cycling through my mind. Now, I haven’t seen the movie Deliverance that the line is from, but for some reason I know the line. I think Kristina is to blame for that. But what I do know is the movie is about some city folk who are visiting a remote area full of inbred hillbillies and at one point one hillbilly says the line to one of the city boys and proceeds to rape him and then possibly kill him. That’s about all I know about the movie. The point is, we drove to the cabin feeling a little spooked about how remote it was.

Upon arrival we were given a quick tour of the cabin by our host, who informed us that we shouldn’t leave our dogs outside unattended for more than a couple of minutes after dark as there were enormous raccoons, rattle snakes, and other various deadly creatures frequently about. The guy didn't say anything wrong, but we were both feeling kind of spooked like we might be axe murdered. We're still not sure if it was the guy who made us feel that way, or the remote location of the cabin.

It was late and all the windows were open, but there was no AC and the cabin must have been at least 85 degrees inside, and I feel that is a conservative estimate. Wearing hardly any clothes, laying spread eagled on the bed with the industrial sized fan found in the closet blasting on us I was still hot. Maybe if we could have left the windows open all night it would have been better, but alas, there was some kind of shrieking insect who had stationed himself directly outside the bedroom window so closing it was the lesser of the two evils. Finally, after imagining that I was on a houseboat at Lake Powell listening to the motor roaring unevenly (this is what the fan sounded like to me), I was able to fall asleep. But not for long. Howard started pacing around and when I touched his face I noticed he seemed rather slobbery. I turned on a light, and saw that he had been stung by something because his nose was all swollen up. The rest of the night I got up a lot to check on him and plus the industrial fan roaring and the heat weren’t helping me out a whole lot. Finally it was morning and though Howard had puked two huge piles of vomit all over the carpet in the cabin, his swelling seemed to be going down. Things were looking up.


  1. lol...oh man. Sounds like a typical trip with the dogs so far to me.

  2. Uhm, not a pretty picture. That Deliverance line has me spooked, for sure!

  3. Oooh...I love how spooky the cabin area sounds. I've always wanted to stay in a cabin in a fairly remote area! I guess I'm just weird that way. Anyway, it sounds fantastic...other than the hot temperatures.


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