How Tim and I met

In honor of our 3rd wedding anniversary on the 19th, I thought I would post the story of how I met Tim and got engaged and married to him. It turned out pretty long, so there will be a few installments.

I met Tim in the fall of 2000, when I was 18 years old. I met him and a few of his friends at a party, but I talked to so many people that night that I didn’t get to know him too well. A few weeks after that, he saw one of my friends at another party and gave her a rock and a note to give to me. The note explained that this was a love rock, and that no one who had it could resist falling in love with him. I thought that was pretty cute and ended up calling him. It didn't work quite as he planned, since instead of dating him I proposed a friendship. But though the love rock’s magic was dormant for about 2 ½ years, we all know it did work eventually.

Periodically over the years Tim would remind me that he did in fact like me, and test out the waters to see if I’d changed my mind yet. Once we did date briefly, but I broke it off, panicking because he seemed really nice and serious about me. I didn’t feel ready for anything serious, and didn’t want to play around with someone who was. He was very cool about it when I said I wanted to just be friends again. He didn’t get hurt or offended, and just said ok, fine with him. When I was 21, we started to date seriously. At that point, Tim says he got frustrated with me and gave up trying to impress me, which I was instantly impressed by. I had quite an aversion to relationships back then, and I think that the fact that Tim was traveling 3 weeks out of the month when we started to get serious really helped to take the pressure off of me. It also forced us to talk on the phone a lot, and I think we really got to know each other well that way. He quickly became someone who I could confide in and relate to on a level that was totally different from any I'd experienced with other guys.


  1. look like such cute crazy young kids with your matching bracelets. If only Tim had known at the time that not trying to impress a girl is the oldest trick in the book when trying to really impress her. At least he figured it out eventually. :)

  2. I love the love rock story! So cute that you ended up saving it, and in the long run, its magic worked like a charm.

  3. CUTE! Happy (belated) Anniversary! :)


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