The Engagement

After dating for a year Tim and I decided to move in together. We started looking for a rental that allowed dogs because I knew I wanted one, especially because he was still traveling a lot at that time. We moved into the top level of a little house in sugarhouse and adopted Sadie. Tim had only had much experience with little dogs, so he was ambivalent about adopting a dog at first. But, within days Sadie had him wrapped around her little toe.

A year or so after moving in together we started thinking about marriage. Tim was in the process of picking out a ring with me, something that took awhile. Tim was actually more picky than I was about it, and wanted me to have something quality that we would love forever. Tim hadn’t planned to ask until he got the engagement ring, but a job came up and he knew he was going to be out of town for a month or so. He wanted to surprise me before he left. We went hiking before he had to leave, and he said he wanted to look at a ring he’d already given me, which I was wearing. I took it off and gave it to him, but became suspicious when he casually didn’t give it back. We hiked up to a city overlook with some cool stone rooms and walls. He asked me to marry him there. We knew we’d be dynamite together, because our initials were T n’ T, or TNT. Haha. That is how we labeled our food when we shopped together and I shared an apartment with April and Kristina, and we still like to refer to ourselves that way.


  1. Oh you guys are so cute! But I'm waiting for more baby belly pictures.

  2. TNT is a great couple nickname. I like the becoming engaged story.

  3. I'm lovin' the installments of your guys' makes me want to sigh a lot for some reason. *sigh* ;)


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