The ceremony details

My dad and Tim’s dad conducted the ceremony, custom designed by Tim and I. I fell in love with this piece of romantic mythology to include: “According to Greek mythology, our original human nature was not like it is now. Then, human beings each had two sets of arms, two sets of legs, and two faces looking in opposite directions. As time went on, the gods began to fear that their reign might be threatened by these humans, who had turned out to be quite powerful. Therefore, Zeus divided the humans in half, intending to thus leave them weak and vulnerable. After the division, each divided human sought to find his or her other half and reunite. When they did find each other, they came together, threw their arms about one another, and entwined in mutual embrace, longing to grow back into the single being they had been. Their desire for one another restored mankind’s original bond, making lonely halves one again and healing the state of humanity. Even today, as man or woman, we begin our journey alone and must seek our lost half. When we meet that missing part of ourselves, our mate, we are lost in the amazement of love, friendship and intimacy. The desire and pursuit of the whole is called Love.”

And I also wanted to include this native American wedding poem:
“Now you will feel no rain, for each will be a shelter to the other.
Now you will feel no cold, for each will be warmth to the other.
Now there is no loneliness, for each will be a companion to the other.
Now you are two persons, but there are three lives before you, his live, her life, and your life together.
When evening falls, you will look up and there each will be to take the other’s hand. You’ll turn together to look at the road you’ve traveled to reach this moment. It stretches far behind you and your future lies ahead. – a long and winding road, whose every turning means discovery. Old hopes, new laughter, shared fears. Your adventure has just begun.”

The rest of the ceremony was short, and more traditional. Mostly family and close friends attended the wedding. More friends came to the reception. Overall, it was a fairly small event. Tim and I chose reception music featuring Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, and B.B. King. My dad wrote us a poem that he read at the reception, it was very sweet. We planned to dance to Louie Armstrong’s A Kiss to Build a Dream On. But by the time photos were taken, bouquet and garter thrown, refreshments eaten, cake cut and distributed, dusk was already descending, and to be honest, we had totally forgotten. The whole event was a success, laid back and outdoorsy, exactly what we wanted.


  1. I have always been a sucker for greek mythology. And I love that story. It is just so gorgeous.

  2. The whole event was romantic and so well suited to the two of you. It's fun to remember...

  3. All the details of the ceremony sound so sweet! I love the poem and the Louie Armstrong song...perfect!


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