6 Months (23 Weeks)

I'm starting the sixth month and beginning to look obviously pregnant. I had my first person ask me how far along I was last week, with confidence, as if there could be no doubt. A few people speculated before, but I wasn't to the point yet where they felt sure they wouldn't end up embarrassing us both by finding out that I was just putting on weight so they never asked directly. I felt kind of excited to have passed that point. I'm sure in a couple more months I'll start feeling uncomfortable, but for now it is kind of fun and novel to be getting such a big belly.

I got a huge assortment of maternity clothes from Tim's sisters, who pass them all around to whoever is pregnant at the time, isn't that the coolest? Many of them fit, or will fit soon enough, so I really shouldn't have to buy many of my own, although I did buy a couple of things from Old Navy because they have some cute cheap maternity clothes, if you're looking you should check their stuff out.

I've started feeling itchy especially on my stomach, from all of the stretching going on there I assume. My calves are itchy too, randomly enough. I'm not sure what the reason is there, as I am fairly confident my calves have not doubled in size recently, but I'm sure it has to do with some weird hormone. I'm slathering lotion on everywhere, but it doesn't seem to do a lot for the itchiness. The good news is I don't see any stretch marks yet (oh please, please, stay that way faithful unstrechmarked tummy). My side pain seems to be getting a little worse, these days I notice it after walking only a mile. Laura keeps telling me I need to get a maternity belt or girdle, and I think this weekend I'm going to get serious about that and try to find one that might work. It would just be the coolest if it actually helped the side pain enough to hike up to dog lake again, the elliptical just isn't quite as exciting. I'm waking up a bit more at night, mostly to pee but also because laying in one position gets more uncomfortable than I'm used to. As far as symptoms go I think that's about all so far.

Tim took this 22 week picture before I was ready, and I thought I would post it instead of the pictures I was actually posing for since it's probably a more accurate representation of what I'm normally looking like.

Tim has been working on the nursery. I need to take some progress pictures. He did a neat wainscoting design and then decided to do crown molding and some picture frame looking things in the upper part of the walls. He loves a chance to use those woodworking skills! It's looking really pretty so far and I'm excited to see it all painted.


  1. You do not look six months pregnant! But you do definitely appear to be pregnant. The last month is fondly referred to as the "Shamu the killer whale stage!" Good luck. The sleeping problems increase, I think it's nature's way of preparing you for NO sleep after the baby is born. Still, it's all good.

  2. Yep, that's starting to look like a baby belly. You'll be the cutest pregnant lady around.
    Glad you got lots of maternity clothes from Tim's sisters.
    I'm looking forward to the pics of the baby's room.

  3. You're 6 months along!? I can't believe you're already that far along. Wow. I'm so excited for you. And you're already the cutest pregnant lady around.

  4. Yup, you're really starting to look darling. I'd say right now you and Alexis are about tied for cutest pregnant lady around, though, so you've really gotta step this whole cute thing up a notch if you want to win in my book.

  5. You are tiny! Can't wait to see the baby's room.

  6. Ack! I'm SOOOOO far behind with your blogs! I'm sorry. I've been...ugh...in limbo, I guess. Anyway, you're such a cute pregnant woman! Yeah...the 6th month was when people pretty much knew I was pregnant as well! :)


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