Lazy Boy to the next level

Maybe these have been around for awhile and Tim and I were just our of the recliner loop, but it took us a few minutes to figure out the purpose of these special recliners we saw at RC Willey. At first we thought perhaps some people just enjoy sitting this way, sitting, but burning a few extra calories?


Then we thought they were just for people in wheel chairs. But, then Tim had a brain storm and demonstrated how he could move the chair all the way forward to avoid having to go the trouble of standing up, so that he could just sort of, start walking. Which would make sense for someone really frail who couldn't stand up on their own, but I suspect there are a lot of people who can't be bothered to stand up buying these based on the volume available. It does seem that these are all the rage for whatever reason, perhaps I should have gotten myself one instead of a boring old "stand up yourself" model. I get the feeling like this isn't actually all that funny, maybe I should blame Tim for his hilarious demonstration, maybe I wouldn't have found it amusing if not for that...


  1. Kinda looks like a bucking recliner. I think I'll decline and stay with my stand up yourself model, thank you. Much safer, I think.

  2. You are gonna wish you had one of those about the ninth month of your pregnancy when you can't get out of the couch!

  3. Yeah...for those of you who don't have a grandparent who uses this type of Lazy Boy to help him/her up, I guess I could see it being very confusing.
    And MM is right, you're gonna wish you had one during your 9th month of preggo-ness. Hell, I'm ALREADY swooning over it...yep, that icky yellowish-brownish model even! ;)

  4. yup they're old people chairs. I'd imagine that they're gonna be even more popular here in a few decades as the baby boomers get up there in age. And I agree with the last couple comments. Just you wait about 3 months and THEN we'll see if you scoff at those chairs. You're gonna feel like such a brazen fool.


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