Jul 18, 2009

Houston we might have a name

We're feeling pretty sure we are going to name her Zoey. I've loved the name since I was 9 and first heard it, and luckily for me Tim loves it too. The name has actually gotten popular though in the last few years, and currently ranks 50th or so on the list of popular names. Lame! But, when I was lamenting this fact Tim pointed out that he made it just fine, with a much more popular name than Zoey. So, unless we think of a more rare name that we love as much, Zoey it is! Now on to thinking of a middle name. So far we have thought about Elise (which is my middle name), Madalyn, and Layne. Neither of us feel like any of those names is THE name though so we're going to wait awhile and see if anything that seems perfect pops up. We're looking for a middle name that is not too common. Any ideas?


  1. In spite of all your thought, a name just might pop into your heads the minute you see her. Who knows? But your suggestion this morning seems unique and appropriate, if you don't go with one of the other choices.

  2. I love the name Zoey! I say go for it!!

  3. Zoey is totally cute. I thought about that one momentarily when I thought I was having a girl, but didn't quite stick with it...not that it matters now since I'm having a boy. LOL!
    Anyway...middle names...hmmm. I kind of like the ring of a one syllable name after a two syllable name like "Zoey Jade" or "Zoey Belle" or "Zoey Layne" like you mentioned... :)

  4. I just want to say that I really love the name Zoey. And although it may be on the most popular name list, I rarely meet girls named Zoey. Good choice.


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