Family Visit

A couple of weeks ago my whole side of the family came into town and stayed at our house for a few days. It isn't very often that the whole family gets together, but it is always a good time. My house is a little small for 6 adults and 3 kids, but my parents and Eric all camped out in my basement to make room for the rest so it worked out pretty well for me anyway.

One day we hiked up Ferguson Canyon:

Stella wore sandals, which as it turned out, weren't quite the right hiking footwear because Ferguson Canyon is pretty steep. By the time we turned around she was having a tough time with the steep and rocky trail. I could tell she was getting tired, but when asked how she was doing she would say, "Good!" in a surprisingly upbeat voice. I'm hoping my little one will be as mellow as she is. I don't get much opportunity to hang out with little kids, so it was fun for me to see them and it made me even more excited for my baby on the way. I even learned some important lessons, like don't tell small children where the bubble gum is. The whole pack was devoured in less than 10 minutes. Oops! Especially hanging out with Jackson, the 6 month old, was exciting because it got me thinking about how in a year my baby will be about 6 months old.

This picture of Sadie makes me laugh. Stella must have had some food here, so Sadie was giving her full attention:

Howard with kids was hilarious. At first he was actually intimidated by them. Normally he loves kids, so I'm not sure why he was so worried at first this time. He got really comfortable after awhile, and after that the kids all loved him. Howard was just a regular child magnet. He had them running after him and calling him during much of their spare time. My mom said she got a video of Luke walking next to Howard with his hand on Howard's back saying, "He is SO cute." She hasn't uploaded it to youtube yet, but I will have to post a link when she does. Until then, here is Luke looking adorable:

Seth was originally in town to attend his friend's wedding, so he Darleen and Eric got all spiffed up to go out that night.

Tim was able to help Eric out first by suggesting a nice outfit for him to wear to the wedding:

And then by rolling off his suit and playing comic relief using a funny accent.

Tim and I had just seen part of The Father of the Bride on tv the other night, and Tim was imitating Martin Short's wedding planner character. Steve Martin is wearing this suit for the wedding that he thinks is black, but Martin Short tells him it is Navy (pronounced novy) blue. I guess if you haven't seen it you won't find this funny... but I think the way he says novy blue is hilarious. So Tim kept talking about how Eric's suit was a novy blue and he was cracking us up.


  1. Great writeup of the events. I had forgotten about Stella's sandal problem. Tim was pretty funny as the wedding tailor. I'll have to see what I can do with youtube.

  2. Cute pictures of the kids. Stella is my all-time favorite name for a girl. Love that name! And I also love how Stella was wearing a skirt while on the hiking trip...reminds me of how my little niece Maya (3 years old) recently went on a family camping trip and refused to wear pants, she insisted on only wearing skirts and dresses the whole weekend! Ha! Cracks me up.

  3. I love these pics. And you're looking kinda pregnant!
    And I love how Tim looks crazy in that last pic.

  4. What a cute bunch of people! And NOW I wanna see Father of the Bride! It's been awhile. :)


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