Dog Lake and 19 Weeks

We went up to Dog Lake for the first time this summer over the weekend. The weather was perfect and the hike up was green and beautiful. The dogs had a blast swimming in the lake with a bunch of doggie buddies. Howard fetched some logs as usual, and even showed an obvious preference for logs as opposed to those wussy regular sticks. He would start whining and groaning like crazy when Tim picked up a log, hopping around and barely able to contain himself until the log was heaved into the water. Then on top of bringing the log back in the water, he would also give it his best effort to pull the log up on shore. The way he snorted and whined during the whole process leaves it a bit of a mystery as to whether he actually enjoys it, or whether he just has some serious OCD and cannot help himself. I THINK he enjoys it.. but it is a little tough to say.

Here is my 19 week picture taken on the trail:

I'm definitely starting to feel like I look pregnant. You can't tell it quite as well as usual in this picture since I'm tightening up my stomach. Sammy requested that I take some pictures with my stomach relaxed and then also pushing it out. And boy the pushed out picture is pretty impressive. Here, ya go Sammy, first relaxed, this is a pretty accurate representation of what I look like normally these days:

And pushed out... actually this isn't as impressive as I remembered. I could've done this before being pregnant. Well, I'll try not to disappoint so much next time:

On the way back down my side started hurting. It has been hurting during any high impact activities for a over a month now. I've talked to the doctor about it, and he said not to worry unless I get any other symptoms or it gets worse. But, I gotta say it is really cramping my style. The whole next day it hurt anytime I did anything other than lay or sit in a straight position. At this rate I won't be able to keep hiking or jogging this summer like I had planned, I'll be a slave to the impact free elliptical. I guess I will bring this up to my doctor at my next appointment and see if it is possible to pinpoint the cause without spending a million dollars in hopes of a solution. Although, even if I can't hike or jog this summer the baby will of course be a million times worth it, but, I wouldn't MIND having my cake and eating it too.

On another pregnancy note, I thought I was almost 4.5 months pregnant, but looked it up and found out I am actually almost 5.5 months pregnant now. I was thinking when I hit 20 weeks I'd be halfway, so I'd be 4.5 months then. But that math doesn't work, because really since pregnancy lasts through the 9th month you're actually pregnant for 10 months. Which means, rad, in just one day I magically because one month more pregnant. This makes a lot of sense, because I felt like my stomach was getting awfully big for 4.5 months, but now considering I'm really nearing up on 6 it alllll makes sense. Uhhh... actually that still doesn't make sense. That would mean at 20 weeks I would be 5 months pregnant. Not 5 and a half. This is a real brain teaser. Now I'm all confused. Oh well, I can't explain it.


  1. That pouched out stomach is impressive. You should ask your doctor how many weeks you really are!
    Funny description of Howard at Dog Lake. He's so like Molly.

  2. lol I highly doubt that you could have stuck your stomach out that far pre-pregnancy. Maybe you'd better take another look at it. I agree with your mom, it's pretty damn impressive. Oh man dog lake sounds awesome right about now. I need to get up there soon.

  3. Dude! I SERIOUSLY did the math wrong too just a few weeks ago. It really IS confusing. I too felt like I magically gained a month or something. Then I got kind of scared. LOL!
    Anyway, you're lookin' great! Oh man, you should see me...I've REALLY ballooned! Not too long 'til you will too. Wah hoo! :)


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