Better Ultrasound Video and Cute Stuff

Finally I was able to convert my ultrasound video from DVD to a file I could upload to youtube. After downloading three different free trial conversion programs until finally the third one actually worked. Yay! This video is a whole lot better than the one in the last post where I taped the TV screen with my camera and you can see Sadie and Howard's tails swishing past the screen in several places. I mean, that has a certain charm of its own of course, but, this video's quality is a tiny bit better.

I ordered some of the stuff in the below picture. Okay, most of it. Because even though I've never been obsessed with elephants before, suddenly no other baby bedding compares. Maybe the baby likes elephants. Must be. And she must like the crib too, because I find that it is the ONLY suitable crib I can find on the internet. But it is out of stock. Hopefully not permanently. And I have plans for a cute modern elephant mural too. I'm not sure if what I've heard about pregnant women nesting has gone to my head or if it is actually a real thing, but one of those two is instilling in me an urge to shop which I normally am not a big fan of. I feel done for now, we shall see how long that lasts.


  1. Oh I love that crib! Very beautiful.

  2. yeah, you should definitely hold back from buying any other crib. I'm sure they'll have that one back in stock eventually. It's pretty much the coolest crib I've ever seen.

  3. I wondered what the swishing black things were in the previous video version! Now I know.
    Very adorable.
    The elephants are cute, but I think you're the one who likes elephants, not the kiddo. Although she may well take a liking to them once she lays eyes on the cute bedding.

  4. OOps, that last comment and this one are from Mom, not Eric. i'm signed into his Picasa, so his name comes up!

  5. Elephants are SO CUTE and so is that crib bedding set. I think I was destined to have a boy because when I thought I was having a girl, I just couldn't seem to find a bedding set I was nuts about. Of course, I didn't want I'm sure that had something to do with it.
    Anyway, as soon as I found out I was having a boy...WABAM! I found my monkey bedding set and fell in love. I think that's the way it goes sometimes. :)
    CUTE stuff!

  6. Nesting is definitely a real thing. If it's just started, just wait until you are a couple weeks from baby being born. Oh, I like the baby's name.

  7. I'm glad ya'll like the bedding/crib. I'm pretty inept at decorating, so it is nice to hear the stuff IS actually cute. :)

  8. Oh man! I LOVE that crib! I was so sad to see that it was out of stock. So, I tried to find it elsewhere for you (yes, for YOU, not me. Ryker needs a slightly more masculine crib) and that's when I found out what you already's sold exclusively at one store! :(

  9. Alexis, I found the crib! It said out of stock online before, but when I went in to Babies R Us they were able to order it for me to be delivered to the store. BUT, now it is available online again. I wouldn't mind at all if you did get it. The other one I really liked is called The Rivington 4 in 1 Convertible Crib by Davinci. I was gonna include a link, but it looked like it wouldn't work in the comment so I guess you'll have to google it if you want to see it. Anyway, I wanted a darker color though to go with the bedding I picked.

    Where'd you guys get Shingo from? We never came up with a nick name, and now we're thinking of naming her Zoey so she may never get a silly name. Ah, well.

    Maybe some places do the 3D part for longer, but mine was really short and just from one view.

    Eek. This comment is getting out of control long..


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