21 Weeks

I felt what I thought was the 'lil one moving about a month ago, but last week I started feeling a little worried because I hadn't felt anything since then. When I saw a used doppler for $20 I decided to buy it so I could hear the heartbeat and be assured that everything was okay. The doppler worked great and I heard the heartbeat on Monday. Tuesday she started moving, and not subtly either. Funny timing I thought. She has been moving fairly often every day since. Last week when I first started feeling it Tim could just very faintly feel the movement too. Just yesterday we were playing around with the stethoscope trying to hear her heartbeat (don't want to use the doppler unless I'm really worried since there is some amount of possible risk there, as slight as it might be), when she got really active and I could actually feel a body part slide past the stethoscope and move it. I looked down and we could see her moving through my stomach. When I put my hand there I could feel her moving quite well, I was amazed in one week that her moving went from feeling like a muscle spasm to actually being able to feel her pushing my stomach out. I know she is growing fast right now, but I didn't expect a noticeable difference in a week! Speaking of using the stethoscope, I got one of those as well as the doppler because it was really cheap and I would rather use it to hear her since it doesn't have any potential risk. Her heartbeat sounds very very faint using it, but most of the time I can hear it. I'm ever amused by laying there trying to find it, and Tim likes to listen too. I haven't had the stethoscope for long and I will be interested to see how long it takes for the heart beat to get noticeably louder.

I did take an updated picture, but I think I'll post a few of them at one time in a later post. Because hooking the camera up to the computer is a LOT of work. To make up for it though, I will reveal to you that I now weigh 115, up from my starting weight of 105. Other than the weight, I really haven't had any symptoms except I get tired a little sooner than normal working out, although that can probably be attributed to lugging around 10 extra pound more than anything. No crazy emotions, heartburn, food cravings or headaches. Although, Tim and I hung out with his family and extended family many of whom were visiting over the weekend and the ones who don't know me too well all thought I was having cravings because I was wolfing down the cake and ice cream. Little did they know I'm a sugar hog all the time. Anyway, I'm feeling really lucky so far, and hoping heartburn doesn't strike me down the moment I click "publish".


  1. Yay! I'm so happy that your li'l one has started moving for you. It truly is weird that it's almost like just one day they decide to move a bunch! Oh man, my little guy is a movin' machine...especially in the evenings. Get ready for all that weirdness because your baby is going to move in places that you didn't even think she could reach!
    I have an battery operated amplified stethoscope called Bebe Sounds. It's pretty rad because you can hook up two headphones to it so both you and Tim can listen at the same time. Also, I've found it fun to reverse it and put the headphones on my belly and amplify a movie or music to see what Ryker does. Anyway, if you're interested, you can find Bebe Sounds in most stores.
    Oh, this is super-long. How 'bout we get together one of these days so we can swap baby info in person 'n stuff? It beats the heck out of me posting a novel like this on your blog! LOL!

  2. Feeling the baby move is just about one of the coolest things EVer.

  3. She's going to be an active little lady. It's fun to feel and even see the baby moving. Now you're equipped for anything with your Doppler and stethescope.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with MountainMama...feeling a baby moving around in their mommy's stomach is the coolest thing ever. I was down in Texas with family recently and my little sister who is about 26 weeks along was down there with us. Anyway, I finally was able to feel her baby kicking while I was down there with her. So awesome.

    Oh and P.S. - Thanks for checking my blog...I promise I will have a new post no later than Sunday. Yes, I have been slacking big time!

  5. I love it! I remember when I was so excited to feel those little kicks and bumps... Now I can actually see her little feet pushing out my sides. I hope you keep feeling well!


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