Jul 27, 2009

21 Weeks

I felt what I thought was the 'lil one moving about a month ago, but last week I started feeling a little worried because I hadn't felt anything since then. When I saw a used doppler for $20 I decided to buy it so I could hear the heartbeat and be assured that everything was okay. The doppler worked great and I heard the heartbeat on Monday. Tuesday she started moving, and not subtly either. Funny timing I thought. She has been moving fairly often every day since. Last week when I first started feeling it Tim could just very faintly feel the movement too. Just yesterday we were playing around with the stethoscope trying to hear her heartbeat (don't want to use the doppler unless I'm really worried since there is some amount of possible risk there, as slight as it might be), when she got really active and I could actually feel a body part slide past the stethoscope and move it. I looked down and we could see her moving through my stomach. When I put my hand there I could feel her moving quite well, I was amazed in one week that her moving went from feeling like a muscle spasm to actually being able to feel her pushing my stomach out. I know she is growing fast right now, but I didn't expect a noticeable difference in a week! Speaking of using the stethoscope, I got one of those as well as the doppler because it was really cheap and I would rather use it to hear her since it doesn't have any potential risk. Her heartbeat sounds very very faint using it, but most of the time I can hear it. I'm ever amused by laying there trying to find it, and Tim likes to listen too. I haven't had the stethoscope for long and I will be interested to see how long it takes for the heart beat to get noticeably louder.

I did take an updated picture, but I think I'll post a few of them at one time in a later post. Because hooking the camera up to the computer is a LOT of work. To make up for it though, I will reveal to you that I now weigh 115, up from my starting weight of 105. Other than the weight, I really haven't had any symptoms except I get tired a little sooner than normal working out, although that can probably be attributed to lugging around 10 extra pound more than anything. No crazy emotions, heartburn, food cravings or headaches. Although, Tim and I hung out with his family and extended family many of whom were visiting over the weekend and the ones who don't know me too well all thought I was having cravings because I was wolfing down the cake and ice cream. Little did they know I'm a sugar hog all the time. Anyway, I'm feeling really lucky so far, and hoping heartburn doesn't strike me down the moment I click "publish".

Jul 25, 2009

Lazy Boy to the next level

Maybe these have been around for awhile and Tim and I were just our of the recliner loop, but it took us a few minutes to figure out the purpose of these special recliners we saw at RC Willey. At first we thought perhaps some people just enjoy sitting this way, sitting, but burning a few extra calories?


Then we thought they were just for people in wheel chairs. But, then Tim had a brain storm and demonstrated how he could move the chair all the way forward to avoid having to go the trouble of standing up, so that he could just sort of, start walking. Which would make sense for someone really frail who couldn't stand up on their own, but I suspect there are a lot of people who can't be bothered to stand up buying these based on the volume available. It does seem that these are all the rage for whatever reason, perhaps I should have gotten myself one instead of a boring old "stand up yourself" model. I get the feeling like this isn't actually all that funny, maybe I should blame Tim for his hilarious demonstration, maybe I wouldn't have found it amusing if not for that...

Jul 21, 2009

Vacation Here We Come!

I'm a huge VRBO fan ever since I found our honeymoon cabin in Lake Tahoe on that site. Almost every time I check I'm able to find an apartment or cabin for the same price, or even cheaper, than a hotel. Nice to save money and time eating most meals in, and of course you know I bring the dogs with me! I always feel so guilty spending money to go on vacation though, so we haven't been anywhere in two years now. But, I figured I better hurry and plan something because once the baby is here traveling will be harder, and considering Tim and I aren't very motivated to travel in the first place probably will rarely happen. It is our anniversary next month, so I found this place about 40 minutes inland of San Diego. I couldn't find any cheap places with fenced yards for the dogs closer to San Diego, but this place looks perfect and is in the middle of hiking heaven from what I can tell. It is even close to a lake. So I figure we will spend at least a couple of days doing free outdoorsy things, including a trip to the beach of course. Then I really want to see the San Diego Zoo and Tim wants to visit Sea World. I'm really excited for this vacation, I just know it's gonna be a blast.

Jul 18, 2009

Houston we might have a name

We're feeling pretty sure we are going to name her Zoey. I've loved the name since I was 9 and first heard it, and luckily for me Tim loves it too. The name has actually gotten popular though in the last few years, and currently ranks 50th or so on the list of popular names. Lame! But, when I was lamenting this fact Tim pointed out that he made it just fine, with a much more popular name than Zoey. So, unless we think of a more rare name that we love as much, Zoey it is! Now on to thinking of a middle name. So far we have thought about Elise (which is my middle name), Madalyn, and Layne. Neither of us feel like any of those names is THE name though so we're going to wait awhile and see if anything that seems perfect pops up. We're looking for a middle name that is not too common. Any ideas?

Jul 14, 2009

Dog Lake and 19 Weeks

We went up to Dog Lake for the first time this summer over the weekend. The weather was perfect and the hike up was green and beautiful. The dogs had a blast swimming in the lake with a bunch of doggie buddies. Howard fetched some logs as usual, and even showed an obvious preference for logs as opposed to those wussy regular sticks. He would start whining and groaning like crazy when Tim picked up a log, hopping around and barely able to contain himself until the log was heaved into the water. Then on top of bringing the log back in the water, he would also give it his best effort to pull the log up on shore. The way he snorted and whined during the whole process leaves it a bit of a mystery as to whether he actually enjoys it, or whether he just has some serious OCD and cannot help himself. I THINK he enjoys it.. but it is a little tough to say.

Here is my 19 week picture taken on the trail:

I'm definitely starting to feel like I look pregnant. You can't tell it quite as well as usual in this picture since I'm tightening up my stomach. Sammy requested that I take some pictures with my stomach relaxed and then also pushing it out. And boy the pushed out picture is pretty impressive. Here, ya go Sammy, first relaxed, this is a pretty accurate representation of what I look like normally these days:

And pushed out... actually this isn't as impressive as I remembered. I could've done this before being pregnant. Well, I'll try not to disappoint so much next time:

On the way back down my side started hurting. It has been hurting during any high impact activities for a over a month now. I've talked to the doctor about it, and he said not to worry unless I get any other symptoms or it gets worse. But, I gotta say it is really cramping my style. The whole next day it hurt anytime I did anything other than lay or sit in a straight position. At this rate I won't be able to keep hiking or jogging this summer like I had planned, I'll be a slave to the impact free elliptical. I guess I will bring this up to my doctor at my next appointment and see if it is possible to pinpoint the cause without spending a million dollars in hopes of a solution. Although, even if I can't hike or jog this summer the baby will of course be a million times worth it, but, I wouldn't MIND having my cake and eating it too.

On another pregnancy note, I thought I was almost 4.5 months pregnant, but looked it up and found out I am actually almost 5.5 months pregnant now. I was thinking when I hit 20 weeks I'd be halfway, so I'd be 4.5 months then. But that math doesn't work, because really since pregnancy lasts through the 9th month you're actually pregnant for 10 months. Which means, rad, in just one day I magically because one month more pregnant. This makes a lot of sense, because I felt like my stomach was getting awfully big for 4.5 months, but now considering I'm really nearing up on 6 it alllll makes sense. Uhhh... actually that still doesn't make sense. That would mean at 20 weeks I would be 5 months pregnant. Not 5 and a half. This is a real brain teaser. Now I'm all confused. Oh well, I can't explain it.

Jul 12, 2009

Family Visit

A couple of weeks ago my whole side of the family came into town and stayed at our house for a few days. It isn't very often that the whole family gets together, but it is always a good time. My house is a little small for 6 adults and 3 kids, but my parents and Eric all camped out in my basement to make room for the rest so it worked out pretty well for me anyway.

One day we hiked up Ferguson Canyon:

Stella wore sandals, which as it turned out, weren't quite the right hiking footwear because Ferguson Canyon is pretty steep. By the time we turned around she was having a tough time with the steep and rocky trail. I could tell she was getting tired, but when asked how she was doing she would say, "Good!" in a surprisingly upbeat voice. I'm hoping my little one will be as mellow as she is. I don't get much opportunity to hang out with little kids, so it was fun for me to see them and it made me even more excited for my baby on the way. I even learned some important lessons, like don't tell small children where the bubble gum is. The whole pack was devoured in less than 10 minutes. Oops! Especially hanging out with Jackson, the 6 month old, was exciting because it got me thinking about how in a year my baby will be about 6 months old.

This picture of Sadie makes me laugh. Stella must have had some food here, so Sadie was giving her full attention:

Howard with kids was hilarious. At first he was actually intimidated by them. Normally he loves kids, so I'm not sure why he was so worried at first this time. He got really comfortable after awhile, and after that the kids all loved him. Howard was just a regular child magnet. He had them running after him and calling him during much of their spare time. My mom said she got a video of Luke walking next to Howard with his hand on Howard's back saying, "He is SO cute." She hasn't uploaded it to youtube yet, but I will have to post a link when she does. Until then, here is Luke looking adorable:

Seth was originally in town to attend his friend's wedding, so he Darleen and Eric got all spiffed up to go out that night.

Tim was able to help Eric out first by suggesting a nice outfit for him to wear to the wedding:

And then by rolling off his suit and playing comic relief using a funny accent.

Tim and I had just seen part of The Father of the Bride on tv the other night, and Tim was imitating Martin Short's wedding planner character. Steve Martin is wearing this suit for the wedding that he thinks is black, but Martin Short tells him it is Navy (pronounced novy) blue. I guess if you haven't seen it you won't find this funny... but I think the way he says novy blue is hilarious. So Tim kept talking about how Eric's suit was a novy blue and he was cracking us up.

Jul 6, 2009

Better Ultrasound Video and Cute Stuff

Finally I was able to convert my ultrasound video from DVD to a file I could upload to youtube. After downloading three different free trial conversion programs until finally the third one actually worked. Yay! This video is a whole lot better than the one in the last post where I taped the TV screen with my camera and you can see Sadie and Howard's tails swishing past the screen in several places. I mean, that has a certain charm of its own of course, but, this video's quality is a tiny bit better.

I ordered some of the stuff in the below picture. Okay, most of it. Because even though I've never been obsessed with elephants before, suddenly no other baby bedding compares. Maybe the baby likes elephants. Must be. And she must like the crib too, because I find that it is the ONLY suitable crib I can find on the internet. But it is out of stock. Hopefully not permanently. And I have plans for a cute modern elephant mural too. I'm not sure if what I've heard about pregnant women nesting has gone to my head or if it is actually a real thing, but one of those two is instilling in me an urge to shop which I normally am not a big fan of. I feel done for now, we shall see how long that lasts.

Jul 3, 2009


Yesterday I got a fancy ultrasound. And it was just as exciting as I had been hoping it would be. Even though I've knows there is a baby in there it is hard to really believe it, but actually seeing it made it seem so much more real. The baby was very active and was waving arms and legs around the whole time. First all of the measurements were taken, and then the nether regions were zeroed in on. In spite of the legs bicycling around, we found out that it is a girl. Tim said from the beginning he felt like it was a girl, and he seemed really happy about it. I might have teared up. But maybe not. You'll never know. The tech checked for a bunch of things that could be wrong and none of them were. She also took some measurements which all came out normal, and from those she could tell the baby's age growth wise, which was exactly on target. It was a relief to get all good news. And a lot of fun to see her wiggling around in there, she is just so adorable already. I got a DVD and a few pictures. And I can't figure out how to put the DVD onto the computer! I don't have many options, when I put the DVD into the computer the drive shows as being empty. Finally, I had to just play the DVD on the TV and record it with my camera. My camera isn't too great. The video looks a little funny because of that, but you can still get the gist of it. Around 50 seconds in it switches to 3D for a second, and that part is really neat. Here is the still shot from that part of the video:

The other still shots you can't really tell too much from, so without further ado, the video:

In other pregnancy news, I am all of a sudden starting to look pregnant. My stomach has really started to get bigger just in the last week. To the point where someone at my work guessed. She mentioned to another person I work with that she was confident I was 4-5 months along. Good thing I am planning on letting people know next week anyway, because it looks like I'm not hiding it well anymore. Here is my stomach from last weekend. A bit of a difference from the previous pictures I think, but not as impressive as it looks now.

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