Sadie Caught on Camera

Sadie is normally extremely careful not to be caught acting foolish. She demands respect and it is a lot of work. But, sometimes she likes to do this thing where she rolls onto her back and then joyfully kicks both back legs into the air while squirming her head around. Finally, after years of observing her in the wild, I have caught her in the act. She is sooo embarrassed.


  1. All that observing in the wild is a lot of work, eh? With so much practice with wildlife photography under your belt, you could probably work for national Geographic!
    Sadie looks like she's enjoying the attention. I don't think she's embarrassed at all. She's probably hoping to get a movie contract.

  2. As a person who works with dogs every day and sees that sort of thing almost regularly, I can safely say that Sadie looks much more respectable and lovely than any other dog that's scratched it's own back. But then sadie looks glamorous all the time so that's not surprising. Oh man, you should see it when Rocco does that on the carpet. It's a total disaster. Just picture the fur-plastered seats of ryan's car after rocco was just in it for one car ride. It instantly looks like the carpet just found itself in the center of a terrible blizzard...


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