Professional Animal Impersonators

Tim and I went to the zoo over the weekend and were able to really hone our animal impersonation skills while we were at it. Honing these skills helps you to become impervious to others' scrutiny. Tim was a little unsure at first about whether he really wanted to pose like an elephant in public. After that he got into the swing of things though. After we got home and I looked at all of the pictures, I realized neither of us actually looked normal in any pictures. Cool. My first try was as a turtle:

Here is Tim's first slightly reluctant try:

One of the most underappreciated animals at the zoo (the rooster, not Tim. But, I thought Tim was a little underappreciated too):

This photo is really Tim's glory. My favorite by far. He has been growing his hair out lately, but he forgets to style or brush is 90% of the time so it is always a big mess. When he saw the wild boar he knew the moment had come to take advantage of the hair:

My best look:

Runner up. There really is a Meer Cat in this photo if you look really closely just above my head and to the right.

And now for the actual pictures of the animals. The monkeys and tigers are always my favorites to see. This time the tiger was hiding, but I did get lots of monkey pictures. This guy has some serious style. Look at that amazing mohawk. He should start a band.

This monkey was funny the way he was sprawled out in a patch of sunlight enjoying the warmth like a cat.

These two were so adorable. The sign said that this type of monkey mates for life and the happy couple likes to sit together often with their tails intertwined.

These monkeys are really distinct with their white fringe of hair.

The Golden Tamerin monkeys were my favorite animal of all to see, because they just had some babies about a month ago. The babies were attached to the adults backs and these monkeys had too much caffine or something because they did not stop moving. I couldn't get a picture of them that wasn't all blurry because of that, but trust me, they are worth seeing if you live in SLC. It was funny to watch their behavior too. The adults kept switching off the babies, they were taking turns carrying them around. One adult didn't seem very skilled, and I was worried because it nearly dropped the baby off of the edge of a drop off. Right at the last moment another adult came swooping in and snatched the baby away from the edge. She was really paying attention!
Not sure what this is, but it looked like a cross between an owl and a sparrow.

Mrs. Giraffe was looking lovely as always.

This fox was really exciting to see. Last year it was sleeping so I didn't get to see it, this time it walked right up to the glass and stared directly at me. Overboard adorable. Good thing it couldn't ask me to take it home, I might have a new pet.

The camels were looking rather mangy, must be a seasonal thing.

We got to see the bears right at feeding time. They both layed down right in the pile of food and started lazily packing it away, neither of the bears could be bothered to stand and eat at the same time.

Overall, a great time at the zoo. Which isn't saying all that much because I've never not had a great time at the zoo. As great as usual I guess. I'll be back next year!


  1. Next year you can teach the baby to do animal impersonations. Those were great! Tim's wild boar was my fave.

  2. The giraffe looks like it has mascara on! And I really love the pictures of the fox, so cute with its huge ears!

  3. That is the best meerkat impression I have ever seen. Also, the only one I have ever seen, but still you win!

  4. I'd take that fox home too...if I wasn't certain that lord tugboat would murder it in it's sleep anyways. damn.

  5. You and Tim outdid yourselves with the imitations! Pretty funny.
    Love that mohawk monkey and the entwined tails. The pic of Mrs. Giraffe is very good, too.

  6. You guys are THE BEST animal impersonators I've ever seen! Nevermind the fact that you're the only animal impersonators I've seen ever seen. I'M SURE you're still the best! Ohhhh...and the zoo! I wanna go SO BAD after seeing all of those pics. Looks like a damn good time. Thanks for sharing. :)


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