Pregnancy Babble

Last week I had another OB appointment. We heard the heart beat and that was pretty neat. My next appointment is the one where they do a 3D ultrasound to check out the anatomy and make sure it all looks good, and we should be finding out the gender at that time. Tim feels like it is a girl, and I don't have any feeling at all. It will be exciting to find out and then we can think about how to make the nursery cute. Technically it will probably be mostly me thinking about that. But, the work will be mostly outsourced to Tim so I say "we". Poor Timmy. Check out Dooce's nursery. I might copy her a little. I really like the wallpaper and the color yellow. I think it would look cute with dark colored furniture. It is nice because it isn't over the top cutesy so it would work for an older kid too. Although I suppose a boy might not be thrilled about bird wallpaper.

Still trying to take stomach pictures every week, I missed a few though. Still no really interesting progression so I won't post them yet. I only gained 1/2 pound between last appointment and this one, but it does seem like my waist is looking thicker in general and my stomach does stick out just a little now. Enough that I don't feel I look so hot anymore wearing tight shirts to work unless I'm working really hard at sucking in. I can't say for sure if this is actually due to being pregnant or more due to eating ice cream and brownies. Who really knows these things? One thing that I think is cool is that when I lay on my back and run my hand down my stomach I can feel a little bump now, so, I suspect it isn't AAALLLLL brownies. Seriously though, I really don't want to gain too much weight and have it be a nightmare to take it all off so I try to only eat junk food if I earn it first by working out, which is what I've always done. I'm shooting for a peak weight of around125, it will be interesting to see how well I can stick to that.

I told my boss I'm pregnant, but I'm holding off another month or so to tell the rest of my department. I will officially be in the second trimester this weekend. And that pretty much sums up any pregnancy updates.

By the way, I'm working hard faithful readers to get you a recording of "Bob". My friend at work brought in a recorder because her family didn't believe her about the noises. Unfortunately, so far today he has been snorting and hacking only every so often, never several in a row so that I could capture it. I know though that with persistence, I will prevail, never fear.


  1. So exciting to first realize that little bump isn't just brownies and then to feel the first little flutter or life, wow!

  2. Yay for hearing the heartbeat and then the ultrasound coming up! I had mine yesterday, so I now know what I'm having. It's good to know, so you can FINALLY get working on the nursery and clothes 'n stuff! Well, congrats to making it (almost, anyway) to your second trimester!!!

  3. Oooo...I REALLY like that example of the nursery. Usually I think they look kinda tacky but that looked both classy and perfectly appropriate for a baby. You should do it. And also I think it will be great for everyone to finally be able to understand exactly what you're going through at work so get cracking on that recording.

  4. I'm sure you'll have an adorable nursery, and Tim will probably get into the decorating, too.
    The most exciting moment, I think, is when you can first definitely feel the baby move. Then it all seems real.

  5. Oh I love the idea for the nursery! The yellow with the birds looks really cool...and I think perfect for either a boy or a girl.


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