House Guest

My friend Carin came to visit from Texas last week. We have known each other since we were babies, but haven't seen each other a whole lot since I moved from Texas to Utah. I took a couple of days off of work and we were able to go on a hike each day she was here. Unfortunately, it rained every single day, but that is what raincoats are for. The one nice thing about all of the rain was that everything was very green. I kept forgetting to take pictures and only remembered twice, which is kinda lame. Here we are up Millcreek Canyon, Porter Fork to be precise. This road/trail always seems to be greener than the rest of the canyon, and with all of the recent rain it was gorgeous. It was raining when I took this picture, and the picture is all washed out because the flash came on. But I kind of like how it looks and plus editing it would take work...

And here she is up at Silver Lake near Brighton.
We really had to rough it to get to this lake... 300 feet from the parking lot. Actually, you can even see the lake from the parking lot. But, then we went a little ways further to try to find another lake that is above it. We didn't find the other lake because we hit snow, but it was still a really pretty hike. We also ventured up Ferguson Canyon, which was looking very green and pretty as well. She wanted to see one of the temples here in Utah so we went to see the new Draper temple. That thing is hard to find. I should've brought directions I guess, but I thought, how hard can it be when you can see it off of the freeway? Hard. That is the answer. But, in the end we located it. We also saw a few movies, including Up in the theater. Up was great. A little sad in the beginning, but after that it really perked up. The dog that befriended them sounded just like Howard would sound if he could talk, it was very cute. We saw Seven Pounds, which really took a beating in the reviews, but I thought was decent. We also saw Role Models, which got good reviews but we both found to be rather crappy. Other than that we cooked and chatted mostly. Her food was good, mine was gross. She choked it down, but it was terrible. Note to self: go easy on the brown sugar in spaghetti sauce... no one likes sickeningly sweet spaghetti sauce. Not even me.


  1. lol yeah that dog did sound a lot like howard would. I've never heard of putting brown sugar in spaghetti sauce. Sounds like one of those secrets that deluxe cooks use but I guess you've got to use it in moderation. Of course, I've never made spaghetti sauce so maybe that's why I don't really know about what all goes in it...I'm a big fan of noodles, butter, and salt. This whole sauce business sounds way too extravagant. Don't sell yourself short cooking-wise though. I've seen those cheesy meat biscuits that you've made (which you promised to do a how-to on...or more specifically, sadie was gonna be giving the illustrations and instructions on how to make them) hmm. forgot where I was going with this. Oh. You're a damned fine cook. But you'll have to consider the source here, before you really let that compliment go to your head.

  2. I don't know what happened. You used to have the perfect recipe on your sauce. Last time there was too much brown sugar. The time before that it was too much worcestershire. Maybe you worked it out and the next time it will be back to perfect. Anyways, it was nice having Karin over. Its too bad I was working the whole time. Oh well what do ya do.


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