From hiking to being shot the bird by an 80 year old man

Last weekend Tim and I had the pleasure of hiking up Millcreek Canyon to the city overlook with Laura, Ryan, and their friend Noah. I went up there just a few weeks ago, and it was crazy how much greenery popped up since I was there. It was a lot prettier, but then, it also had a lot more flies. And I worry that I may have contracted a disease from one of the them because it bit me and when I smashed it someones BLOOD came oozing out. Hopefully it was mine. But, back on the topic of greenery and beautifulness, just off of this trail is where Tim and I had our wedding invitation pictures taken. Here it is in fact.

Tim had to climb up on this rock. I was very clear that I did not like that. I think I inherited this from my mom. She can't stand when people stand near edges. Tim claims that once you're up there you can see that there is some ground on the other side, not a hundred foot drop like it appears. I'm not sure if I believe him.

Monday morning on my way to work I was gestured at rudely by an 80 year old man. It was pretty cool. First of all, I say gestured at rudely because he only had a chance to get his fist up there next to the window by the time I drove past him, it sure seemed like he was planning to extend the finger, but his reflexes were too slow to do so. Then, the reason for the whole thing was that he decided to switch over into my lane, and while he was doing so I gave him a little "hey, you forgot about your blind spot, get back into your lane" honk. He just kept on drifting over though so I had to brake or be wrecked into. He defeated me in that game of chicken, that wily man. In a way I guess the incident is kind of sad, because I imagine he thinks that these damned people on the freeway are such jerks honking at him for no reason. He is wondering when exactly people got so inconsiderate.

Today we've got to get our house ready for guests, because my friend Carin and a friend of hers are coming to stay with us for a few days next week. I haven't seen her since my wedding so I'm excited about that. My whole family is going to be in town at the end of June, so June is the month of guests.


  1. Aww...I just love how perfectly Sadie is posing in that first picture. And I'm sure you're right about that old man telling quite a different tale about what really went on on the freeway that day. In fact, even I am finding it difficult to recall just why you rudely honked at such a gentle elderly man. Why did you have to be so hasty like that? Kids these days...geepers.

  2. I just wrote a long comment that somehow disappeared. Sigh.
    Try to make Tim behave and stay off of those cliffs!
    The senile old man is hopeless, behavior wise.
    Glad you got out for a hike on a beautiful afternoon.

  3. I was gonna comment on how that second pic looks like a wedding announcement, but THEN you confirmed it, which shouldn't have been a surprise since you guys OBVIOUSLY weren't dressed the same as on your hike and WHY would you pose like that during a hike anyway? Yeah...ummmm...did I mention that pregnancy can kind of make you spacey sometimes? If it hasn't hit you yet, just wait. hospitalized grandpa told me about some crazy woman on the road honking at him out of nowhere the other day. Incidentally, the fright of that gave him a Transient Ischemic Attack, which is why I was visiting him in the hospital. He said he even tried to flag said woman for some help, but she zoomed by way too fast to see his outstretched palm against the window. By the way, he died of complications related to the Transient Ischemic Attack. His funeral is this Friday afternoon, in case you have the inclination to go, though I'm sure it was all coincidence. Or was it?


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