A Bump

I am a week away from four months and my stomach is definitely starting to get bigger. It doesn't really look like I'm pregnant most of the time, more like I need to lay off the cookies. But, when a few weeks ago I could feel the bump but not see it when I layed on my back, now it can actually be seen.

Here is the first weekly picture I took at eight weeks:

And the most recent at 16 weeks. I didn't realize how awesome my hair looked until I actually took this picture off of the camera just now. Woah Nelly, special. :

I'm making sure to tighten up my stomach in all of my weekly pictures. I thought maybe I'd get a more accurate progression that way, because when my stomach is totally relaxed how it looks depends a lot on how recently and how much I ate/drank and if I'm bloated, so I didn't think that would be as accurate. But, maybe that was a mistake because, so far the weekly pictures aren't showing much difference, but I'm thinking that they might very soon. My stomach muscles can't win this fight for too much longer I wouldn't think.


  1. no, there's definitely a noticeable difference between the 8 week and the 16 week pictures. I'm sure we'll really start seeing it in the 20 week ones though. Oh, and that bump in the first picture really is distinct. Looks like your uterus is probably bigger than the size of a grapefruit now.

  2. What a cute little bump when you are laying down. Standing up it just looks like you have great abs so far (although there is some growth). Can you believe it's a baby yet?

  3. Hm, interesting that you guys can tell a decent difference between the two pics. And thanks MM for the abs compliment!

  4. Oh man, just wait...after I hit my 4th months, things just kind of...took off. Yeah...my bump is huge (in my opinion). My mom doesn't think I'm very big, but I feel massive. I guess that's just what happens when you've been used to not seeing a ton of change in almost your first half of pregnancy. You're going to look so freaking cute with a preggo tummy though. :)

  5. Definitely a baby bump. You're going to be very round soon.


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