Jun 26, 2009

First Movement?

Last night after he got out of the shower one of the Cure's more gothic sounding songs, Burn (I think) came on. Naked, Tim suddenly got motivated to put on a show. He started pulling some really creative and hilarious dance moves out that got me laughing. Then, he took it up a notch. He was sweeping his arms around, striding across the room, bending backwards gothic style. He was pole dancing on our canopy bed. He was thrusting his hips around madly. I can't accurately describe how funny it was, and I think the fact that he was still naked made it even funnier. Anyway, by the time he finally injured himself (which took a lot longer than I thought it would considering the vigor with which he was throwing himself around) I had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so hard. And then I realized I was feeling some tiny little movements that didn't feel like they could be anything other than the baby. I guess all that laughing must have gotten the baby more active than usual. Seems like daddy is making the baby laugh already. Plenty more where that came from...

Jun 25, 2009

A Bump

I am a week away from four months and my stomach is definitely starting to get bigger. It doesn't really look like I'm pregnant most of the time, more like I need to lay off the cookies. But, when a few weeks ago I could feel the bump but not see it when I layed on my back, now it can actually be seen.

Here is the first weekly picture I took at eight weeks:

And the most recent at 16 weeks. I didn't realize how awesome my hair looked until I actually took this picture off of the camera just now. Woah Nelly, special. :

I'm making sure to tighten up my stomach in all of my weekly pictures. I thought maybe I'd get a more accurate progression that way, because when my stomach is totally relaxed how it looks depends a lot on how recently and how much I ate/drank and if I'm bloated, so I didn't think that would be as accurate. But, maybe that was a mistake because, so far the weekly pictures aren't showing much difference, but I'm thinking that they might very soon. My stomach muscles can't win this fight for too much longer I wouldn't think.

Jun 24, 2009

Uh huh huh huh huh..... Boobs are cool

Perhaps people won't enjoy hearing about my boobs, those people should definitely skip this post. I however, simply cannot go on without documenting this. Not ever having had very big boobs it's pretty novel for me to have acquired some bigger ones lately. I noticed my bras didn't fit very well anymore, so I went shopping for a few new ones and found out something astounding... my correct size right now seems to be between a 32 C and a 32D, leaning towards a 32D. Which technically if you know about how bra sizing works is the same cup size as a 36B or a 38A, but those sizes don't sound quite as impressive. And I couldn't actually find any 32Ds because I guess it is a really odd size, so I had to settle for 34Cs. But still, 32D. Woah. Oh, and my title reference is from Beavis and Butthead, how foolish the world was to allow that show to go off the air...

Jun 19, 2009

House Guest

My friend Carin came to visit from Texas last week. We have known each other since we were babies, but haven't seen each other a whole lot since I moved from Texas to Utah. I took a couple of days off of work and we were able to go on a hike each day she was here. Unfortunately, it rained every single day, but that is what raincoats are for. The one nice thing about all of the rain was that everything was very green. I kept forgetting to take pictures and only remembered twice, which is kinda lame. Here we are up Millcreek Canyon, Porter Fork to be precise. This road/trail always seems to be greener than the rest of the canyon, and with all of the recent rain it was gorgeous. It was raining when I took this picture, and the picture is all washed out because the flash came on. But I kind of like how it looks and plus editing it would take work...

And here she is up at Silver Lake near Brighton.
We really had to rough it to get to this lake... 300 feet from the parking lot. Actually, you can even see the lake from the parking lot. But, then we went a little ways further to try to find another lake that is above it. We didn't find the other lake because we hit snow, but it was still a really pretty hike. We also ventured up Ferguson Canyon, which was looking very green and pretty as well. She wanted to see one of the temples here in Utah so we went to see the new Draper temple. That thing is hard to find. I should've brought directions I guess, but I thought, how hard can it be when you can see it off of the freeway? Hard. That is the answer. But, in the end we located it. We also saw a few movies, including Up in the theater. Up was great. A little sad in the beginning, but after that it really perked up. The dog that befriended them sounded just like Howard would sound if he could talk, it was very cute. We saw Seven Pounds, which really took a beating in the reviews, but I thought was decent. We also saw Role Models, which got good reviews but we both found to be rather crappy. Other than that we cooked and chatted mostly. Her food was good, mine was gross. She choked it down, but it was terrible. Note to self: go easy on the brown sugar in spaghetti sauce... no one likes sickeningly sweet spaghetti sauce. Not even me.

Jun 15, 2009

Sadie Caught on Camera

Sadie is normally extremely careful not to be caught acting foolish. She demands respect and it is a lot of work. But, sometimes she likes to do this thing where she rolls onto her back and then joyfully kicks both back legs into the air while squirming her head around. Finally, after years of observing her in the wild, I have caught her in the act. She is sooo embarrassed.


Jun 8, 2009

Professional Animal Impersonators

Tim and I went to the zoo over the weekend and were able to really hone our animal impersonation skills while we were at it. Honing these skills helps you to become impervious to others' scrutiny. Tim was a little unsure at first about whether he really wanted to pose like an elephant in public. After that he got into the swing of things though. After we got home and I looked at all of the pictures, I realized neither of us actually looked normal in any pictures. Cool. My first try was as a turtle:

Here is Tim's first slightly reluctant try:

One of the most underappreciated animals at the zoo (the rooster, not Tim. But, I thought Tim was a little underappreciated too):

This photo is really Tim's glory. My favorite by far. He has been growing his hair out lately, but he forgets to style or brush is 90% of the time so it is always a big mess. When he saw the wild boar he knew the moment had come to take advantage of the hair:

My best look:

Runner up. There really is a Meer Cat in this photo if you look really closely just above my head and to the right.

And now for the actual pictures of the animals. The monkeys and tigers are always my favorites to see. This time the tiger was hiding, but I did get lots of monkey pictures. This guy has some serious style. Look at that amazing mohawk. He should start a band.

This monkey was funny the way he was sprawled out in a patch of sunlight enjoying the warmth like a cat.

These two were so adorable. The sign said that this type of monkey mates for life and the happy couple likes to sit together often with their tails intertwined.

These monkeys are really distinct with their white fringe of hair.

The Golden Tamerin monkeys were my favorite animal of all to see, because they just had some babies about a month ago. The babies were attached to the adults backs and these monkeys had too much caffine or something because they did not stop moving. I couldn't get a picture of them that wasn't all blurry because of that, but trust me, they are worth seeing if you live in SLC. It was funny to watch their behavior too. The adults kept switching off the babies, they were taking turns carrying them around. One adult didn't seem very skilled, and I was worried because it nearly dropped the baby off of the edge of a drop off. Right at the last moment another adult came swooping in and snatched the baby away from the edge. She was really paying attention!
Not sure what this is, but it looked like a cross between an owl and a sparrow.

Mrs. Giraffe was looking lovely as always.

This fox was really exciting to see. Last year it was sleeping so I didn't get to see it, this time it walked right up to the glass and stared directly at me. Overboard adorable. Good thing it couldn't ask me to take it home, I might have a new pet.

The camels were looking rather mangy, must be a seasonal thing.

We got to see the bears right at feeding time. They both layed down right in the pile of food and started lazily packing it away, neither of the bears could be bothered to stand and eat at the same time.

Overall, a great time at the zoo. Which isn't saying all that much because I've never not had a great time at the zoo. As great as usual I guess. I'll be back next year!

Jun 7, 2009

From hiking to being shot the bird by an 80 year old man

Last weekend Tim and I had the pleasure of hiking up Millcreek Canyon to the city overlook with Laura, Ryan, and their friend Noah. I went up there just a few weeks ago, and it was crazy how much greenery popped up since I was there. It was a lot prettier, but then, it also had a lot more flies. And I worry that I may have contracted a disease from one of the them because it bit me and when I smashed it someones BLOOD came oozing out. Hopefully it was mine. But, back on the topic of greenery and beautifulness, just off of this trail is where Tim and I had our wedding invitation pictures taken. Here it is in fact.

Tim had to climb up on this rock. I was very clear that I did not like that. I think I inherited this from my mom. She can't stand when people stand near edges. Tim claims that once you're up there you can see that there is some ground on the other side, not a hundred foot drop like it appears. I'm not sure if I believe him.

Monday morning on my way to work I was gestured at rudely by an 80 year old man. It was pretty cool. First of all, I say gestured at rudely because he only had a chance to get his fist up there next to the window by the time I drove past him, it sure seemed like he was planning to extend the finger, but his reflexes were too slow to do so. Then, the reason for the whole thing was that he decided to switch over into my lane, and while he was doing so I gave him a little "hey, you forgot about your blind spot, get back into your lane" honk. He just kept on drifting over though so I had to brake or be wrecked into. He defeated me in that game of chicken, that wily man. In a way I guess the incident is kind of sad, because I imagine he thinks that these damned people on the freeway are such jerks honking at him for no reason. He is wondering when exactly people got so inconsiderate.

Today we've got to get our house ready for guests, because my friend Carin and a friend of hers are coming to stay with us for a few days next week. I haven't seen her since my wedding so I'm excited about that. My whole family is going to be in town at the end of June, so June is the month of guests.

Jun 3, 2009

Pregnancy Babble

Last week I had another OB appointment. We heard the heart beat and that was pretty neat. My next appointment is the one where they do a 3D ultrasound to check out the anatomy and make sure it all looks good, and we should be finding out the gender at that time. Tim feels like it is a girl, and I don't have any feeling at all. It will be exciting to find out and then we can think about how to make the nursery cute. Technically it will probably be mostly me thinking about that. But, the work will be mostly outsourced to Tim so I say "we". Poor Timmy. Check out Dooce's nursery. I might copy her a little. I really like the wallpaper and the color yellow. I think it would look cute with dark colored furniture. It is nice because it isn't over the top cutesy so it would work for an older kid too. Although I suppose a boy might not be thrilled about bird wallpaper.

Still trying to take stomach pictures every week, I missed a few though. Still no really interesting progression so I won't post them yet. I only gained 1/2 pound between last appointment and this one, but it does seem like my waist is looking thicker in general and my stomach does stick out just a little now. Enough that I don't feel I look so hot anymore wearing tight shirts to work unless I'm working really hard at sucking in. I can't say for sure if this is actually due to being pregnant or more due to eating ice cream and brownies. Who really knows these things? One thing that I think is cool is that when I lay on my back and run my hand down my stomach I can feel a little bump now, so, I suspect it isn't AAALLLLL brownies. Seriously though, I really don't want to gain too much weight and have it be a nightmare to take it all off so I try to only eat junk food if I earn it first by working out, which is what I've always done. I'm shooting for a peak weight of around125, it will be interesting to see how well I can stick to that.

I told my boss I'm pregnant, but I'm holding off another month or so to tell the rest of my department. I will officially be in the second trimester this weekend. And that pretty much sums up any pregnancy updates.

By the way, I'm working hard faithful readers to get you a recording of "Bob". My friend at work brought in a recorder because her family didn't believe her about the noises. Unfortunately, so far today he has been snorting and hacking only every so often, never several in a row so that I could capture it. I know though that with persistence, I will prevail, never fear.
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