Mama and Papa Goose

A nice young goose couple decided to settle down and have a family on a ledge at my work. It was cool to see the goslings after they hatched. It was also funny to watch the goose behavior. Mama goose was sweet as honey cuddling up to the goslings and keeping them warm. Papa goose however had work to do and he wasn't about to waste any time being Mr. Nice Guy. His first line of duty was to stand between the goslings and Mama and the window. He stationed himself right next to the glass and pecked at it when he felt anyone inside was getting a little too close. I'm sad that I can't provide you with a picture of the enormous pile of poop that stood as proof that this was where he spent almost all of his time. His second duty was to herd the goslings back over to Mama Goose if they started walking towards the window. He was actually quite rough with them and I was wondering at first if he was going to injure them, but, they seemed ok. Here is a picture where you can see the goslings look a little terrified of Papa Goose. One in particular looks especially terrified here.

And here he is stalking panther like back to his station by window.

Here is Mama Goose being all sweetness and light.

And here is Papa Goose saying, "Don't you even think about coming over here!"


  1. Great photos and fun observations of the parental behavior! Is this right outside your cubicle window?

  2. I hope there is water nearby for when the babies want to go swimming.

  3. Only around the corner from my cube, but not right outside my window. I forgot to say, I can't take credit for the pictures. I didn't have my camera and a girl at work took them with the awesome camera that the marketing department has. It has an awesome zoom.

    They are at a pond now, but it was sad because they all leaped off of the 5th floor to get there and now there is only one gosling. :( At least that one looks really healthy.

  4. CUTE! I love goslings! You did a great job of capturing the essence of the Papa Goose's personality! :)

  5. lol that duckling in the first picture really does look freaked out by papa goose.


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