Dorky Lip

Do you ever rub your upper gums dry with your finger so you can roll your upper lip up and arrange it so you look really dorky? I can never seem to get enough of it. I laugh every time. Now, it is funny when humans do it, like so:

And I can't even believe I'm actually posting this picture, I've probably never looked more terrible. But, I have no choice, because when I saw it in its glory I actually slapped my knee. I think it's the way I'm rolling my lower lip over my teeth and how I'm flaring my nostrils. I don't know. This picture is really just a bonus, it isn't necessary to illustrate my point. You're welcome.

Okay, so my point is, when I do it to Sadie, I find it even more hilarious. She just lets me do it and lets me laugh hysterically at her. I guess it's all attention to her and she feels like she is doing an amazing job at something, she just isn't sure what. Oh... I'm still laughing... is it just me?

I like the first picture better, but this one is good too. A dorky growl look.

And this picture is totally unrelated, but there was the biggest most beautiful rainbow over the mountains yesterday. I couldn't fit the whole thing in my camera frame, so this is just one side.


  1. Amber and I do that to each other (the dorky smile) at the dinner table and laugh hysterically too. I'll have to try it on the dog! hahahaha

  2. The rainbow pic is gorgeous. The lip thing... funnier on Sadie, pretty silly on you and Tim. But I'm smiling, so I guess it's a little funny.

  3. LMAO!!! Ohhhhh...what an awesome way to start my week! LOL! Seriously, I'm SO GLAD you posted this random, "dorky lip" bit! Pretty rainbow too. :)

  4. I'll pay lip service to that notion! Lovely rainbow shot - well composed.

    I've been lucky enough to see a whole rainbow twice - each time from an aircraft window. Yes, you see an entire doughnut-shaped rainbow. No kidding.

  5. i sometimes wonder what my office neighbors think when i laugh out loud like i just did. They only wish their sister posted stuffy like "dorky lip."

    where were you for the rainbow pic?

  6. Ha.. doing dorky lip smile at the dinner table sounds like a good time!

    The rainbow picture I actually took just standing on my front porch. And that is great that I got you laughing in your cube. :)

  7. thanks for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment :D

    The picture of the rainbow is beautiful!

    keep visiting

    ♥ chaitra

  8. Holy crap, I think I woke my parents up. That is so effin funny.


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