May 26, 2009


This blog post is totally hypothetical. This is just an exercise in case such a thing were ever to happen to me. Or, maybe this is a creative writing exercise. I just thought you should know that. So, hypothetically, Bob has now gotten me sick at least twice. I share a cubicle wall with Bob. When I am in Bob's cubicle, or in a meeting with Bob, he displays perfect manners. He coughs or sneezes into a kleenex, and no other sounds emanate from his person. However, when he is behind the privacy of his one inch cubicle wall, composed of cloth, and possibly foam in the center, he feels emboldened. He seems to feel that he is in a private room where no one will be able to hear the noises that he makes, or be able to become infected by the germs that he spews. For example, Bob, why do you hack lougies in your cubicle? Are you not aware that this is revolting and that because of you, my stomach nearly empties itself several times a day? Do you not know that hacking lougies is actually a rather loud process, and that it can certainly be heard within a five cubicle radius? And I don't hear you spitting. Really, Bob, what's the point if you're just going to swallow it again? Bob, I don't have anything against hacking lougies. I do it as much as the next girl when I am in private and don't want to swallow the sort of crap that this cold that I have is producing. But, lougies=private. Private damn it! And, Bob... snorting? Just blow your nose! That is pretty gross too, and I certainly never ever do this within the thin walls of my cube, but I realized not everyone can be as dainty as me, walking a whole 30 feet to the bathroom to spare others from the disgustingness. Nose blowing I can forgive. Snorting? Snorting is in a different ball park. I know you know it is gross, because you never do it when someone else is actually present with you in the same room. You seem smart. How could it be that you don't know cubicle walls don't provide a sound barrier? All of this I could probably overlook if it weren't for the fact that I am sick with your most current bug. If you're going to let go of social standards, at least cover your mouth when you cough, hack, and sneeze inside your cubicle, don't just save this for when others are within the cubicle walls. Because, cubicle walls do not actually filter very well, trust me, I know from experience. Bob, I find that I can't stop here. Besides your total lack of manners within your cubicle personal hygiene wise, I have to ask, must you yell every time you speak? I can usually tune it out, but the other day, when you and your friend who you sit next to were screaming the details of a movie you had both recently seen I found myself very annoyed. I wanted to see this movie too. However, now I know the ending, the middle, the beginning, and all of the character details and surprises along the way. If you were to just speak at a reasonable volume, perhaps I wouldn't know the whole plot. Bob, I think I will stop here. You seem like a very nice man. You are always so polite when I talk to you, and you seem very well rounded and intelligent. Hacking lougies, snorting, getting me sick all the time, and yelling loudly the plots of movies are all very fixable details in your character, so please don't despair. Also, please don't throw me out of my cubicle window. I'm just trying to help. And you drove me over the edge. I plead insanity. Sorry.

May 19, 2009


That's German for weekend, fancy, huh? Except if it is spelled wrong. Then I guess it isn't fancy, it is illiterate, but I don't have the will power to look it up. This weekend the weather was finally amazing. Warmth is really here and it feels like summer again. I spent a lot of the weekend outside reading on the deck and it was just as glorious as I had hoped it would be. I read Sphere by Michael Crichton, and when I reached the end I realized it probably seemed so familiar because I had read it before. Oh well, it was still good the second time around, that Crichton really keeps me riveted. I also found this new author who I started reading recently named David Ellis, his stuff is kinda John Grisham style, and I really like it. I read Life Sentence and now I'm reading Jury of One, good stuff.

I went jogging a few days in a row and then Sunday I went hiking up Millcreek Canyon. My feet are trashed. Every spring my feet get covered with blisters and within a month they are covered in callouses. They look pretty gross all summer long as a result. I like to wear sandals and I ain't scared even though I'm confident people must notice the hideousness. I wear it as a badge of pride, I do stuff, what of it? Anywho, I digress. I went up Desolation Trail to the city overlook. The hike is only two miles each way, but it is pretty steep and I'm not sure if I can blame pregnancy or not, but I was tired when I got done. On the way up I passed these two guys and one stopped to warn me very seriously about how there was an aggressive white terrier ahead on the trail. On a side note, I actually knew the guy because we lived in the dorms at the U at the same time, but I had on a hat and huge sunglasses so he didn't recognize me, and I didn't remember his name anyway. I was concerned, because pit bulls are terriers and after all, and Sadie was torn up by one not so long ago, so hearing about an aggressive terrier is a bit of a soft spot for me. After telling me about this aggressive dog, the guy then assured me that I shouldn't worry, the dog wasn't too big, which left me a little confused as to why he would warn me so gravely about the situation. I went up the trail, nervously calling the dogs close to me and confirming that my mace was close at hand (Tim wasn't with me, so I was totally going to mace any strange dudes who tried to attack me). And... on and on I went for a good 20 minutes before finally passing a white terrier on the trail. Think Toto off of The Wizard of Oz, but white. Like the size of my cat. And quite congenial to boot. While I was relieved that the danger was passed, I was quite baffled by the warning I had received. What was the dealio with that dude?? Tim claims it must have been a desperate attempt to strike up a conversation, but to me it seems that would be a lot worse than not saying anything, because obviously he was going to look foolish when I discovered the dog he meant. I do think it was funny though, whatever the reason was.

Tim was out of town last week through Sunday night working to finish up a job in Vegas that he got. It was the first job he has had in a long time, and he wasn't sure when he would get another job, so he thought he better go out for the last half to make sure it went well. He used to travel all the time when we were first dating for years, but in the last two years he hasn't had to leave at all. I was really in the groove of him being home, so it sucked for him to be gone, even though he wasn't even gone quite a week. He didn't like being gone any more than I did, probably less since he has to actually work hard and all whereas I was lounging in the sun, and he hopes to avoid going out of town for another couple of years. It seems like things for his company might be looking up, because he has now gotten another job, starting tomorrow actually, which he was able to round up a crew for at the last minute. And he also has a couple of other in town jobs that it looks like he will get. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the worst of the slump in construction is over, that would be quite a relief.

Pregnancy wise I'm happy that I'm getting close to the end of the first trimester, only a couple more weeks to go. I'm going to wait until after my appointment next Wednesday and then I will probably go ahead and tell my work. As far as how I'm feeling and looking, really no changes since I last posted at week 9. It seems like just in the past couple of days I might be feeling a little less nausea, but it has been so mild anyway it is hard to tell for sure. Definitely still sleeping more than usual, but I've heard you get more energy in the second trimester which I'm looking forward to. I've been slacking on taking weekly pictures, but I look exactly the same still, so I figure I'll make up for it by taking a couple of pictures a week when something is actually changing for my cool progression video I have planned.

Here I didn't think I had much to say, and I've written your eyes off. Why don't people say that? If you can talk someone's ear off I don't see why not.

May 14, 2009

Mama and Papa Goose

A nice young goose couple decided to settle down and have a family on a ledge at my work. It was cool to see the goslings after they hatched. It was also funny to watch the goose behavior. Mama goose was sweet as honey cuddling up to the goslings and keeping them warm. Papa goose however had work to do and he wasn't about to waste any time being Mr. Nice Guy. His first line of duty was to stand between the goslings and Mama and the window. He stationed himself right next to the glass and pecked at it when he felt anyone inside was getting a little too close. I'm sad that I can't provide you with a picture of the enormous pile of poop that stood as proof that this was where he spent almost all of his time. His second duty was to herd the goslings back over to Mama Goose if they started walking towards the window. He was actually quite rough with them and I was wondering at first if he was going to injure them, but, they seemed ok. Here is a picture where you can see the goslings look a little terrified of Papa Goose. One in particular looks especially terrified here.

And here he is stalking panther like back to his station by window.

Here is Mama Goose being all sweetness and light.

And here is Papa Goose saying, "Don't you even think about coming over here!"

May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Tim noticed this cute little nest of Sterlings just a couple of days before Mother's Day. Mom and Dad found a gap in our soffit and make a nest in there. They're packed the area with nest material so now the soffit bulges out from the house. My video camera isn't quite good enough to really capture it, but when the birds go into the nest they really have to squeeze in there, it is funny to watch. And each time one of the parents goes into the nest you can hear the baby birds chirping with joy, you actually can hear that in the video.


On that note, happy mother's day! I can only hope to be as good of a mom as my mom is!

May 8, 2009

Sadie and I Become Art

I love this painting that Laura did recently. It is really meaningful to me because it is of me and my doggie kindred spirit Sadie. Even though Sadie is a wolf in this picture. When I first saw it I told Laura that it reminded me of Sadie, and she said that was actually her intention. Odds are Laura and I have discussed how Sadie reminds me of a wolf, but I can't actually remember having a conversation like that. Although, that isn't saying much because I'm not always the best at remembering conversations. I've never met a wolf, but Sadie always reminds me of how I imagine a wolf's personality would be. She is incredibly loyal to anyone who she considers her "pack", and she is smarter and more in tune with her instincts than most dogs seem to be.

Laura has a lot of awesome art, you can check her stuff out here. I have to post this one here too, because I think it might be my favorite of all so far:

May 3, 2009

Dorky Lip

Do you ever rub your upper gums dry with your finger so you can roll your upper lip up and arrange it so you look really dorky? I can never seem to get enough of it. I laugh every time. Now, it is funny when humans do it, like so:

And I can't even believe I'm actually posting this picture, I've probably never looked more terrible. But, I have no choice, because when I saw it in its glory I actually slapped my knee. I think it's the way I'm rolling my lower lip over my teeth and how I'm flaring my nostrils. I don't know. This picture is really just a bonus, it isn't necessary to illustrate my point. You're welcome.

Okay, so my point is, when I do it to Sadie, I find it even more hilarious. She just lets me do it and lets me laugh hysterically at her. I guess it's all attention to her and she feels like she is doing an amazing job at something, she just isn't sure what. Oh... I'm still laughing... is it just me?

I like the first picture better, but this one is good too. A dorky growl look.

And this picture is totally unrelated, but there was the biggest most beautiful rainbow over the mountains yesterday. I couldn't fit the whole thing in my camera frame, so this is just one side.

May 1, 2009

Baking at 98.6 Degrees

I thought I'd get off of the pill and, bam, get pregnant right away. However, the pill sucks, which is something I intend to get into more detail about in another post. The point of this post though, is to say that a year after stopping the pill, we finally had success! I'm almost nine weeks pregnant and we went to the first prenatal appointment yesterday. The doctor did an ultrasound and we were able to see the heart beating. Well. Technically I couldn't see it, I was too far away, but Tim and the doctor saw it, so that is good enough for me. It was a little concerning at first, because when the doctor started the ultrasound he was looking at the screen for a minute, and the first thing he said was, "I don't see.... a second baby". I think Tim and I imagined the pause in the middle of the sentence being much longer than it actually was, but really, "I don't see" should be eliminated from a doctor's vocabulary when he is doing the first ultrasound, right? Or at least come after explaining that it all looks good. He said he had been seeing a lot of twins lately, and he seemed to feel like maybe the trend was going to continue, so that is why he was looking for a second baby. I thought it was pretty adorable when after we got home Tim confided that he felt annoyed that he couldn't stand next to me and hold my hand during the ultrasound. The room was small and there was only room on one side of me, where the doctor had to stand. I was so distracted by worrying about whether the ultrasound was going to show that things were normal or not that I didn't even think of it, but I'm still feeling really touched that Tim was actually thinking about that, what a guy. Other than the ultrasound they just took a bunch of blood which I probably won't hear back on for awhile. And my due date was estimated as December 4th.

As far as symptoms go, I feel lucky so far. Since around 6 weeks I've has some very mild morning sickness that kind of lingers off and on most of the day, especially when my stomach gets empty. But, usually if I eat a snack it goes away. And I've been sleeping a good two hours more per night than usual at least a few nights a week, and really feeling like I've needed it. I get real tuckered out around 9 PM. Oh, and can't forget the bloating. Apparently the pregnancy hormones make your digestion slow down and some women start getting bloated in the afternoon and evenings, and I am some women. I look like I'm around 5 months along at night, unless I suck in, but then I look totally normal in the morning.

I love jogging through the warm weather, but I had been reading that pregnant women need to make sure their heart rates don't get too high because then the blood can get redirected from the uterus to the muscles and the baby can get oxygen starved. Well, my heart rate really gets going when I jog, even if I am taking it easy it gets up in the 170's. I was relieved and excited when the doctor said that for the baby to get oxygen starved, I would feel extremely tired and it would be very obvious. He said as long as I feel good, and I am able to get out sentences, I don't have to worry about the heart rate. *Phew* I think I'll just take it really easy this summer and not run faster than 10 minute miles.

I'm going to try to remember to take a picture each week and post it up here, although, warning, the picture will probably be kind of boring and look the same every week for quite awhile. Sammy has requested that I take pictures too, so now I really have to remember. I do think it will be cool in the end to have the whole progression. What would really be cool is if I weren't too lazy to do a picture every day and take it in the exact same place and position. On youtube there are some videos of women who did that and then put the pictures all together in a series to music. It looks awesome. We'll see if I can remember to take more frequent pictures when some changes actually start happening.
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