The Haps

I've been feeling excited lately, because Spring is here! It has been snowing and raining... which I do not appreciate quiiiite as much as nice warm weather. But, the grass is getting green, everything is blooming, and warmth is just around the corner. Just take a look at this majestic weeping cherry of mine.
Never you mind that he is kind of scrawny, you are just jealous because you can't bloom like that. Here is a picture where you can imagine that he is a little big bigger and more impressive.
Speaking of impressive. I'll tell you what is NOT impressive, is my flower bed. While I do like the few tulips that are blooming, I really should probably pull out all of the dead stuff so the flower bed will be all ready for new flowers once it warms up a little more. Or, maybe this new look will get popular... I don't see why not.
Until I started writing this blog I forgot all about how last Friday I went over to Laura's with Alexis and Teisha. First, we prepared some food. Including Velveta, which Alexis and Laura both like more than Kraft Mac n' Cheese. After tasting it though, I have to say, my heart still belongs to Kraft. Sorry Velveta. Next, we were going to play games or watch a movie. But, no one could decide on a movie. So, I pulled out this card game I bought recently called Guillotine. It was a failure, no one was very into it. Pretty soon we went back to the movie idea, thinking we could have some rock paper scissors contests to decide. But, we all got a little distracted by playing rock paper scissors and talking. Probably more fun than watching a movie anyway. Oh yeah, Teisha gave us all an assignment. We were to say something sort of dirty that didn't really make sense to our significant others and then take a picture real fast of their response. I am sorry to say that I failed miserably. I was telling Tim about the night, when suddenly I accidentally told him about the dirty saying. I'm not very good in the surprise department. BUT. I DID ask him how he WOULD have reacted, and it was just as I suspected, he would have said, "Huh? What are you talking about?"
Very soon Tim and I will be departing for Louisiana to visit my grandparents. I hear all about how you shouldn't tell people when you're going out of town because they'll figure out where you live and rob you and stuff. I'm pretty sure that applies to people who have more than 4 readers. But, I'm going to be mysterious anyway and not reveal exactly when we will be leaving, NOR when we will return. How do you like THAT robber? I haven't seen my grandparents for a few years, so I'm excited to hang out with them and see my uncles and possibly my aunt. I'm also excited because it is always so green and gorgeous down there. This is the perfect time of year to visit and I'll be able to get in some jogs and long walks in the wonderful weather.
Other than that, there hasn't been a whole lot else happening other than our bathroom remodel, which is probably halfway done, but it deserves a post of its own.


  1. Darn, I was hoping to rob your house and steal your fat suit!

  2. I think that your cherry tree looks just amazing. And the word is not scrawny - it's slender. Oh and we WERE actually eating Kraft Macaroni and cheese. It was just the deluxe kind. But it was a good test since it's taste was halfway between regular kraft and velveeta. Mmm. I thought it was just delicious.

  3. I think the weeping cherry was one of your first posts when you started the blog. It's growing and looking better every year.
    Probably could just cut back the dead stuff on your plants. Don't uproot the daisies. They should come back.

  4. "How do you like THAT, robber"...Haha! Tess, you're the best. Hope you have so much fun with your grandparents! I've only driven through a part of Louisiana once when I was small, but I do remember how very green it was.

  5. Too bad the robber you thought about WASN'T me or else you would never have let Laura show me where you live! Ha ha ha ha!

    In all seriousness, I hope you have an awesome time out of town. I'll definitely push back the Happy Sumo celebration for when you and Tim can make it. :)


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