Bathroom Remodel

Tim is remodeling our bathroom. It got just a little dusty after sanding down the mud on the walls.

Here's an action shot of him applying the mud. He added those two lights in the ceiling, before there was only the vanity light and Tim always complained about how he thought the shower should be well lit. So, now we will certainly have a well lit shower.

I didn't want to be exposed to all of that mud and dust. Yuck.

Here is our old glorious seashell pattered sink. Goodbye friend. You were stained and extremely old and your drain didn't work very well and you didn't have a working plug. But, you served me well.

Oh, whoops, this probably should have been the first picture.

The bathroom got painted today, a light yellow tan color. And tomorrow the tile begins. Early next week the bathroom should be all done. Bathroom remodeling is just one of the perks of the husband owning a construction company which now has hardly any work since obviously construction isn't doing well. We're seeing the silver lining and all. As soon as the remodel is done though he is going to really look at which direction to go in order to do the whole making a living thing. A bummer to have to change directions, but he will figure something out, and maybe it will be better and something he likes even more.
Well, I just got this book called The Daily Coyote about the woman who raises a coyote pup and I hear it is really good stuff, so I best go see if it is true.


  1. I'm sure your bathroom will be extra beautiful. Hope Tim didn't use any drywall from China. Did you see the news about how that stuff has weird fumes?
    Not surprising, considering that China probably is hoping to wipe us out with exports rather than bother with a war to take over the universe.

  2. I thought China was going to overpower us economically but never considered they might try it with exports.

    Sorry to hear Tim's business is struggling, but it's good for your remodeling projects until the next thing comes along. Be sure to post pics of the finished product.

  3. A new bathroom! That's awesome. Remodeling is always so exciting...I mean, I can only say it LOOKS exciting as I've never attempted to remodel anything myself. Anyway, I bet it has turned out great.

  4. AWESOME! Okay, I LOVE home improvement stuff. That's probably THE main reason I can't wait to one day buy a house. Anyway, I look forward to seeing a future post with the immaculate results of your remodeled bathroom. :)


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