Bathroom Remodel and Trip Status

The remodel is running a little behind the estimated schedule, but when do projects ever get done when you expect? Here is the new vanity light. I should've taken a picture of the old lights for comparison...

And here is the tile progress. Tim is standing in the shower.

This fancy thing was on sale and was only ten dollars more than the boring plastic fans, and it doubles as a light. I thought it was a pretty sweet score.

Here is where the tile saw lives during the day. In our other upstairs shower. It makes using the toilet a little tricky. And that scale on the floor? A casualty to the construction process. It got wet and no longer works. I keep hoping it will magically work again soon.

All in all good progress since I last posted. I'm thinking in a week it will be nearly done, probably two weeks to be safe.

The trip to Louisiana was rescheduled. The day we were supposed to fly out there were good chances for bad thunderstorms at the Dallas airport where we were going to land. My dad was worried about landing in that, and after he told me about the various people he has know of who died landing in storms just like the one that could be going on, I was on board with rescheduling the trip. Not that I can tell YOU when it is Mr. or Ms., maybe even Mrs. Robber. I'll reveal that it is in two to three weeks though. There. That is ALL I can tell you.


  1. Ooo I really like the diagonal/straight way that Tim's done the tiles. It's gonna look super classy. Maybe too classy.

  2. I'm planning on robbing the light fixture in the ceiling so could you please post your exact departure date? And, is Tim growing head hairs?

  3. Thanks Laura. Tim was pleased with your compliment, he has been working hard on this project. :)

    Oh, yes, mountain mama, I'll email you the whole itinerary so you can be sure to steal the light fixture. Why yes, Tim is growing head hairs. How observant of you!

  4. Wow, the remodel looks fantastic so far...I love the light fixtures...can't wait to see the final product!

  5. Hey, it's lookin' good! Thanks for posting updated pics 'n stuff. Ya know, I'm not going to wait for you guys to leave to rob you of that snazzy saw. I'm just gonna do it while you're sleeping. >:)

    However, I WOULD like to know when you're leaving and when you'll be back home so I can plan Happy Sumo night accordingly...that is, unless you REALLLY don't feel like going. That'd be okay. Either way, I'm stealing your saw...oh, and the scale you've been hoping will work (just 'cuz I CAN). ;)

  6. It's all looking good. I like the diagonal tiles. Classy.


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