Apr 21, 2009

Bathroom Remodel and Trip Status

The remodel is running a little behind the estimated schedule, but when do projects ever get done when you expect? Here is the new vanity light. I should've taken a picture of the old lights for comparison...

And here is the tile progress. Tim is standing in the shower.

This fancy thing was on sale and was only ten dollars more than the boring plastic fans, and it doubles as a light. I thought it was a pretty sweet score.

Here is where the tile saw lives during the day. In our other upstairs shower. It makes using the toilet a little tricky. And that scale on the floor? A casualty to the construction process. It got wet and no longer works. I keep hoping it will magically work again soon.

All in all good progress since I last posted. I'm thinking in a week it will be nearly done, probably two weeks to be safe.

The trip to Louisiana was rescheduled. The day we were supposed to fly out there were good chances for bad thunderstorms at the Dallas airport where we were going to land. My dad was worried about landing in that, and after he told me about the various people he has know of who died landing in storms just like the one that could be going on, I was on board with rescheduling the trip. Not that I can tell YOU when it is Mr. or Ms., maybe even Mrs. Robber. I'll reveal that it is in two to three weeks though. There. That is ALL I can tell you.

Apr 17, 2009

The Haps

I've been feeling excited lately, because Spring is here! It has been snowing and raining... which I do not appreciate quiiiite as much as nice warm weather. But, the grass is getting green, everything is blooming, and warmth is just around the corner. Just take a look at this majestic weeping cherry of mine.
Never you mind that he is kind of scrawny, you are just jealous because you can't bloom like that. Here is a picture where you can imagine that he is a little big bigger and more impressive.
Speaking of impressive. I'll tell you what is NOT impressive, is my flower bed. While I do like the few tulips that are blooming, I really should probably pull out all of the dead stuff so the flower bed will be all ready for new flowers once it warms up a little more. Or, maybe this new look will get popular... I don't see why not.
Until I started writing this blog I forgot all about how last Friday I went over to Laura's with Alexis and Teisha. First, we prepared some food. Including Velveta, which Alexis and Laura both like more than Kraft Mac n' Cheese. After tasting it though, I have to say, my heart still belongs to Kraft. Sorry Velveta. Next, we were going to play games or watch a movie. But, no one could decide on a movie. So, I pulled out this card game I bought recently called Guillotine. It was a failure, no one was very into it. Pretty soon we went back to the movie idea, thinking we could have some rock paper scissors contests to decide. But, we all got a little distracted by playing rock paper scissors and talking. Probably more fun than watching a movie anyway. Oh yeah, Teisha gave us all an assignment. We were to say something sort of dirty that didn't really make sense to our significant others and then take a picture real fast of their response. I am sorry to say that I failed miserably. I was telling Tim about the night, when suddenly I accidentally told him about the dirty saying. I'm not very good in the surprise department. BUT. I DID ask him how he WOULD have reacted, and it was just as I suspected, he would have said, "Huh? What are you talking about?"
Very soon Tim and I will be departing for Louisiana to visit my grandparents. I hear all about how you shouldn't tell people when you're going out of town because they'll figure out where you live and rob you and stuff. I'm pretty sure that applies to people who have more than 4 readers. But, I'm going to be mysterious anyway and not reveal exactly when we will be leaving, NOR when we will return. How do you like THAT robber? I haven't seen my grandparents for a few years, so I'm excited to hang out with them and see my uncles and possibly my aunt. I'm also excited because it is always so green and gorgeous down there. This is the perfect time of year to visit and I'll be able to get in some jogs and long walks in the wonderful weather.
Other than that, there hasn't been a whole lot else happening other than our bathroom remodel, which is probably halfway done, but it deserves a post of its own.

Apr 11, 2009

Bathroom Remodel

Tim is remodeling our bathroom. It got just a little dusty after sanding down the mud on the walls.

Here's an action shot of him applying the mud. He added those two lights in the ceiling, before there was only the vanity light and Tim always complained about how he thought the shower should be well lit. So, now we will certainly have a well lit shower.

I didn't want to be exposed to all of that mud and dust. Yuck.

Here is our old glorious seashell pattered sink. Goodbye friend. You were stained and extremely old and your drain didn't work very well and you didn't have a working plug. But, you served me well.

Oh, whoops, this probably should have been the first picture.

The bathroom got painted today, a light yellow tan color. And tomorrow the tile begins. Early next week the bathroom should be all done. Bathroom remodeling is just one of the perks of the husband owning a construction company which now has hardly any work since obviously construction isn't doing well. We're seeing the silver lining and all. As soon as the remodel is done though he is going to really look at which direction to go in order to do the whole making a living thing. A bummer to have to change directions, but he will figure something out, and maybe it will be better and something he likes even more.
Well, I just got this book called The Daily Coyote about the woman who raises a coyote pup and I hear it is really good stuff, so I best go see if it is true.

Apr 8, 2009


Oh yeah, Friday night there was a Par-Tay all right. Right after learning about pre paid legal. But, whatever, the anticipation just made the party better. I mean, check this out, Teisha is totally claiming the west siiieeede right here and Laura is really disgusted and right after this picture was taken she threw the contents of her max cola right into Teisha's face and a big fight ensued. That is how you know the party was a success, if there is a big fight. Check.

But, don't worry, there was a lot of excitement and happiness at this party too. I mean, just look how excited Teisha is about this orange juice.

And Alexis AND Teisha are excited about this steak.

And in her own coy way Laura is overjoyed about her max cola. She's always got to play it coy, but I see right through her.

And last but certainly not least, this fork was quite magical and thrilling. You can't imagine the things we saw this fork do.

I'm sorry if I've made you super jealous about the crazy party. In reality, Laura, Alexis and I all left around 10 because we got pretty tuckered out. But, that doesn't mean we aren't happenin' chicks.
On a side note, I went for my first outside jog of the season yesterday. It was such perfect weather for it. The jog was amazing. Warm sun on my shoulders, the smell of grass, a couple of elated puppies bounding along next to me. Mmmm... doesn't get better. Even though I totally wussed out and only jogged 2.5 miles at a 10 minute mile pace, it was a really enjoyable pace. I didn't want to rush it getting back into jogging shape and have my pesky shins act up right away. Even with such a small jog, my feet got blisters. Unsightly calloused hideous feet, here I come! I'm so glad running season is back!
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