Super Saturday

My motivation to post about Saturday went downhill when it came time to actually plug in the camera and download the pictures. It always seems like it is gonna be such a hassle. As it turns out, it WAS. It took me more than an hour to get to this step of actually composing a blog post because the laptop decided it wasn't gonna connect to the internet. Tim and I bested it though. I guess. Unless its plan all along was to waste an hour of our time.. in which case, well, I don't have to spell it out for you.

Plus, I seem to have gotten sick AGAIN, this is the second time this month. I never get sick either. It is lame. And going to bed at 8:30 is really cramping my style having time to blog wise. It is 8:48 right now, seriously, what am I doing up so late??

Anyway, the weekend was so incredible that I think I'm going to have to break this blog post into one per day.

First order of business Saturday morning: Must sit on couch and each dink around on the internet/read a book with coffee.

The laptop was apparently too far away (two feet) for Tim, so he had to resort to surfing the net on his phone.

Howie's first order of business after a good night's rest is to take a nap of course.

And Sadie must groom mommy. Mommy just doesn't know what is best for her, does she? Good thing she has a Sadie to keep her clean.

Zeus had fun lurking.

Next, I noted how hairy the carpet was. I decided to document this stunning finding before I vacuumed it up. Sadie wanted to know just what in the sam hell I was up to, and how could she help? I laid down on the carpet to take this picture, and Sadie rushed in out of no where and demanded to know what was going on.

After cleaning up the house, I taught myself how to French braid pig tails. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, a skill worth learning I've decided.

Then, we took the pups on a drive in Tim's newly rebuilt Mustang* to the Draper trail. Howard breathed in some fresh air and looked really cute and dorky.

Sadie and I took a picture together to document the day. See how I'm trying to pull off my new hat?

The day was nice and warm. We even saw what looked like a bald eagle out spreading its wings.

We had a good time stretching our legs walking.

Tim had to watch the Jazz game. I was caught up in a book called Crisis by Robin Cook, it was really good.

Apparently the Jazz game was a real nail biter..

So, there you have it, a typical Saturday in our household.

*Sadly, the Mustang crapped out again on the way home. The good news is, it wasn't Tim's fault. It was the fault of the guy who built the bottom end. Whatever that is. Still devastating though and Tim felt pretty sad about it.


  1. Aw, sorry about the Mustang. Glad you otherwise had a fun weekend.

  2. Ahahaha I never noticed that comments are filed under "mindblowing observations" so this will surely disappoint. Thanks for the update on your petting zoo. I love how animals always have to investigate whenever you are near the floor.

  3. Forgot to comment on the bird. It does look like a bald eagle. Amazing to see it in the city.

  4. Man, I need to do more on my weekends. I actually have 3 day weekends now on account of my work cutting hourly employees' hours to 32 per week. :(
    Your weekend definitely put mine to every way imaginable. I'm glad you posted it though. It was super-amazing...especially when you compare your blog posts to the constant randomness of mine. LOL!

  5. Cool, I thought it looked like a Bald Eagle, but I figured you'd know for sure.

    Ah, yes, someone else couldn't find my comments for the same reason.. perhaps I should go mainstream and call them... comments.

    Well, I really exaggerated the awesomeness.. but I'm happy it sounded exciting. :) Sorry to hear your hours got cut down, at least you have more free time I guess.

  6. Can you teach me how to do the french braided pig tails?! Yours looked awesome.

  7. Monica, sure, but now you have to come by for dinner again soon so I can show you. Or, maybe it will be warm enough for a hike soon. Actually, city creek canyon is between us, we should go up there some Saturday soon.


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