Sammy Comes to Town

My friend Sammy is in town. I met her in 4th grade and we've been friends ever since. She is pretty much the coolest. She is always so much fun to hang out with and so is her boyfriend Josh. Tim and I wish the teleporter would come out already at a reasonable price so we can hang out with them regularly.

We played a very professional game of Texas Holdum. After a few hands things really heated up and we got into a brawl. You can see my face contorted in a mask of anger so intense it appears to be a smile. Sammy sprung on Tim and began choking him. Tim and Josh was the only ones who was able to remain civil. Josh had the decency to look embarrassed by our terrible behavior, and Tim was very confused.
But, it turns out that even Josh isn't made of stone, and he was soon infuriated by my look of cocky insolence and was forced to punch me in the face. Tim still appears to be as docile as a lamb here, but if you look carefully you can see his hand is reaching menacingly towards Sammy's. Just after this picture was taken he body slammed her down on the table, breaking it into splinters in a most ungentlemanly fashion.
We had to take a few minutes to make a quick run to the hospital and tidy up before heading to the pool hall. Here is an action shot of Sammy.
And here are her and Josh plotting their strategy against Tim and I.
Sammy and I were both taking lots of funny pictures. Here she is taking some serious action shots of her own.
I was pretty jealous of her hat. I've been wanting one of these fashionable hats for awhile, but I never see them around. Sammy had seen some earlier across the street from where we were playing pool. So, we ran over there to check them out. There weren't any that were quite perfect, but really, when am I going to bother going shopping again, so I picked one up. I'm still a little concerned that I'm not going to be able to pull it off. I'm not very fashionable is the problem.


  1. Glad to hear you had a fun visit. Telll Sammy "hey" from me.

  2. Ain't nuthin better than an ol' fren comin' to town to visit!

  3. Fabulous action photography.

    i see you are now supercool with that hat. :) nice.

    Hi Sammy!


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