A Lovely Evening at the Theater

The busy weekend has come and gone and it didn't disappoint. We swung by Laura's house Saturday before the play, and I was relieved to find that she had given me the correct address. I'm still not 100% sure that she isn't involved in some kind of illegal goings on over there, but she had hidden it well and I saw no sign of it. Except for the evil torture device in place on the couch that she forgot to hide. But other than that no sign.

Then off to the theater we all went. On the way there Tim suggested that we stop and stock up on candy from a gas station since they charge a million dollars for candy at the theater. This is where Laura purchased a box of mini tootsie rolls which you'll hear more about soon. The play was Dial "M" For Murder and it was great. The story never lagged and it kept me riveted. I loved the ending too. I would say it was one of the better plays we've seen this season. After the lights went out we all started quietly and sneakily peeling open our boxes of candy. Laura munched down a good half a box of mini tootsie rolls and when intermission rolled around we were all horrified/laughing our asses off when we saw the condition they were in.

I feel better now about the fact that I started laughing so hard I was crying and took a picture, because Laura is alive and well. Those mini toosie rolls were OLD. Some of them were even quite obviously deteriorated. But, she is ok. Never fear. After the play we ate dinner at Chilie's. And then we went to a game store where we each bought a game and then went to Laura and Ryan's to play them.

We only played one of them and need to get together soon to play the other. Tim loves games and I like them a lot too, so it was exciting to find out that Ryan loves them also. Laura can be picky about the games she likes, for example, they must involve good art work and preferably they should be murder mystery games. We kept asking the store owner which games people got murdered in and then we selected Bang. It was quite fun, and Laura pronounced near the end of the night that she officially liked the game. Hopefully the other game will be fun too. Also at the game store you can pay a couple of dollars and hang out there and play the store's games if you're too cheap to invest in them before you know if you like them. There was this game called Killer Bunnies that I was really intrigued by and I'm stoked to go to the store and test it out soon. Anyone played it? On a side note, while we were playing games their dog Rocco kept saying hi to me, and I was encouraging him by giving him lots of attention. Once I heard him getting a nice big drink. Shortly after he approached me for some more lovin', face covered in droplets of water. I kept petting him and naively thought all was well. Then a few minutes later, I noticed that his water bowl was totally empty. The wheels began turning. Yup, all of the droplets of water were from the toilet. Yum!! I had a pretty good laugh about that. Laura really got me back for laughing about her toxic chocolate candies episode. Excellent thinking Laura.

On an unrelated note, I laughed when I saw Tim had prepared himself a nice variety bowl of cereal. We were out of bowls, but look how he took advantage of that fact and turned it into an advantage. What a businessman.


  1. Those tootsie rolls look pretty gross.
    Tim looks like he's getting into his games, as usual.
    Glad the play was good and the evening a success.

  2. For the last time, it was a massage couch, not a torture device. You know, like massage chairs except more expensive. It's very luxurious. No doubt you're just jealous that you can't afford one. That play was pretty fantastic, though, I've got to give you that.

  3. I've read the book Dial M for Murder and remember liking it a lot. That's cool that you went to see the play!

  4. Oh wait a sec, maybe it wasn't a book I read at all but an awesome Hitchcock movie I saw a long time ago...At any rate, I'm glad you got to go and see the play. Ha!

  5. Wow! Laura has quite the stomach to NOT puke after seeing the horrible state her mini tootsie rolls were in!

    Game nights are rad! In November, I bought a whole BUNCH of group games and, thus far, have only managed to get enough people to play any of them once. And that group ended up playing only ONE of my new games and another game I've had since I was 12. It's a rad game though..."Sweet Valley High."

    Anyway, I'm glad you guys had a good time and I'm pretty jealous you got to see "Dial M for Murder." That sounded like it'd be a lot of fun to go to.

  6. P.S. You've inspired me to make use of my new games. I'm feeling a game night coming on soon...



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