Jazz Game VIPs

We got the hook up on some Jazz tickets Wednesday night. Tim's friend Trae's brother's wife's brother is apparently in charge of Jazz ticket sales. Could you follow that? If so, I am very impressed. He was able to give us a couple of extra tickets. We went to a VIP buffet before the game, which I thought I was getting for free (even though I was told it was twelve dollars). We felt really important because Trae's brother Jim* was carted around personally by Alfonzo*. We asked Jim if it was time to head to our seats for the game, and Jim was like "Oh, no, no. Alfonzo always comes and gets me." And it was true. Alfonzo was all spruced up in a nice suit and he escorted us across the court to our seats. I should probably reveal that we didn't even have to cross the court and really it was a big hassle because it took like 20 minutes longer to get to our seats that way than if we had just taken the regular route. But, I have to admit, even though I felt like a dork going out of my way to cross the court, it was cool. Because we walked across right when The Jazz were walking in on the opposite corner of the court. So right when we walked out there was this dramatic music and Tim got all exited and delusional for a minute and caught himself throwing up his arms to receive the applause from all of his fans. It would be a real let down if Tim ever realized it was The Jazz being cheered for and not him. Don't tell him. It could have been cooler though, because Jim told us that last time he went to a game he walked out actually WITH The Jazz and it was really exciting, but also scary because he was sure he was about to be trampled by Ronnie Brewer who was right behind him.
Here are Tim and Jim in the buffet.
And here is Tim in our seats. I told him to look excited. Just now I asked him why in the world he looks so terrible in this picture, and he said, "what do you mean?" Ahh. I was just cracking myself up about that.
Don't ask ME why the only action shot I got is of the opposite team dribbling towards THEIR basket.
I was surprised to find that I had a great time. I'm not really all that into basketball, but we were close enough to actually see the players' facial expressions and see how big they all are. I found myself actually paying attention the whole time. It was pretty amazing. It doesn't hurt that Deron Williams and Boozer are hot. No, doesn't hurt at all.
Oh, and another exciting thing about the evening is that Tim drove the Mustang to the game! Poor Musty was broken for a long time, so this was really exciting. Here Tim is, looking marginally more excited than he did during The Jazz game.
* Names have been changed to protect the innocent.


  1. Tim seems to enjoy hamming it up in your blogs! Funny that he was raising his arms for applause on the court. I can just see him doing that.
    Glad you had fun.

  2. jazz game looks like an interesting affair :) escorted across the court. you yuppies.

    this is fabulous news about Musty! My congrats to Tim for seeing that job thru to completion.


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