Ick and Uck but now - yippie!!

I haven't had much to blog about, as I haven't left the house much except for work in the past two weeks. The week before last I came down with some glorified cold type thing, and by that I mean a cold accompanied by fever. Kind of flu like, but I had the flu shot so I'm not sure if it just wasn't very effective this year or if this was something different. Anyway, by the weekend I was starting to feel better and that is when Tim came down with it and was sick for almost a week. It was especially lame, because we actually had plans one of the weekends. My boss had invited my team and our families over to his house for dinner one of the nights. My boss is the bomb, so I was really excited to go, but alas, I was still sick. The following night we had a murder mystery party to attend, and by that time I was feeling a tad better, but Tim was coming down hard with the fever. It was very disappointing. I've always wanted to go to a murder mystery party, but I knew Tim and I would both be ready for bed around the time we arrived, not to mention we'd of gotten everyone else sick.

But, it is a brand new phase in our lives folks! The phase where neither of us is all feverish and coughing everywhere. So of course, we have exciting plans. Oh. Wait a minute. Is it Friday night? Yes? What am I doing you ask? Well, blogging, isn't it obvious? However, as soon as I finish blogging I'm going to sit on the couch with Tim and read while he plays Halo. Man, it seems we are losers. But, him more than me I have to say, I'm not the one wearing a headset right now. OH! But, before this we took the dogs for a nice walk. So there. And, tomorrow we actually are pretty booked solid with exciting plans. We are going to head on over to Laura and Ryan's place. Which, in itself is pretty darned exciting. Because, they have lived there for well over a year and this is the first time we will see their place since they moved in. Over the past year I've been inviting myself over all the time and dropping hints. For example, we were going for a walk one day and I said I'd just come to her house and we'd walk from there. "Noo!!" she quickly objected, "my neighborhood SUCKS to walk in!!!" And the excuses go on and on. But now, it seems it is finally happening. Although, I suspect she has given me the wrong address. I'm very excited to find out the truth tomorrow. I hope she has hidden all of the incriminating evidence that clearly is hanging out all over her place and found a new place to house her prisoner for the day. Don't believe her when she comments and claims she hasn't been doing illegal things over there. Next, we will all be heading over to The Pioneer Theater to see Dial M For Murder. It looks really awesome. Next, a sophisticated dinner. Oh, boy, outside world, here I come!!!


  1. I hope the big evening is fun. Will await a full report.

  2. I'm glad both of you are on the mend and can get back to those big fun events.

  3. What?! I've practically been begging you to come by this whole time. This is just a flagrant lie on your part. And you WON'T find any stains, shackles, or anything of the sort on the premises. Not even fingerprints. I've never even been here before, so don't even try to find anything incriminating on me.


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