A Few Good Pictures

Tim had jury duty last week. At least, he thought he did. Unfortunately he didn't. And I say unfortunately, because the public was deprived of seeing him all dressed up for jury duty:

Driving on the freeway last week we say a truck driving the wrong direction. AhhhhhhHHHhhhhhh!!!!!!!! It's headed right for me!!!!

Barber rolls is one dinner I can make that actually tastes good. It is really simple, smash some rolls into a cupcake pan. Fill with ground browned meat mixed with brown sugar and tons of bbq sauce. Top with grated cheese and extra bbq sauce. Cook 'er in the oven until the rolls are done. Even I can handle this recipe.
When I was ready to take them out of the oven I couldn't find the pot holder. Sometimes when you leave it close to the edge of the counter Howard will stretch his brontosaurus neck up there and spy it. When that happens he snatches it down and runs off somewhere (usually the back yard) with his prize to lick it clean if you're lucky, and destroy it if you're not. Sure enough, I found the pot holder in the back yard. And which fate did it it have you must be dying to know? This one:
*sigh* Time to buy new potholders again. Howard is sooo lucky he has that winning personality and those handsome looks.


  1. I can't decide who makes the better fashion statement--Tim or your dad......tough choice!

  2. Tim does look pretty funny. It's true, he and Steve have a lot in common, fashion-wise.
    Those barber rolls look pretty good! No wonder Howard was checking out the potholders.
    What was with the truck? Weird.

  3. Yes, Mountain Mama, I can see your dilemma! They're both quite gifted in fashion.

    The truck was actually being towed by another truck. But it looked pretty convincing, huh?

  4. Those rolls look amazing. I'll have to get the exact recipe from you sometime. And that time is now. Or near. At least I hope so.

    Oh and Tim does look quite dashing in that outfit. I can only hope that there will be men like him - simultaneously conveying a professional attitude and a savvy sense of fashion - among jurors the next time I'm on trial.

  5. is that tie a DI special? awesome.

    i've gotta give those bbq rolls a shot myself. I propose you publish the recipe on your blog :)

  6. I agree with everyone about those barber rolls! Holy Moly, those look deelish.

  7. Laura, I hope this doesn't break your heart to hear. I'm just trying to be a friend here. But, odds are there just won't be many men as fashion savvy and professional as Tim on the jury. You better just come up with a better plan to dodge the law.

    Eric, I'm not sure where the tie came from. I do know the rest of the suit was from the DI, so thats a good guess. :)

    Ok, I can see the public is going to be in an outrage if I don't publish the recipe. I will do it. It might be a few days, because Sadie has demanded that she be the one to star in the tutorial. She is just so bossy.

  8. Hi Tess,
    I hereby present you with the Lemonade Award. Do with it as you wish.


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