Dogs and Life

When we don't have much going on we like to spend some time sitting on the couch. Tim is often excited to play Halo (quite addicting I hear) and I'll normally be involved in a book. Howard will almost always come up on the couch too, and sometimes Sadie if she feels she can take the time off from her busy job of guarding the house. I was sitting in that small area between Sadie and Howard. It was very cozy. While you're at it, check out the awesome painting in the background. We scored this for like 10 dollahs at a garage sale. I feel like it is probably worth thousands, if not millions.

And this next picture illustrates a downside to owning dogs. They get hair everywhere. You've got to vacuum thoroughly at least once a week. I did start using The Furminator, a brush that really helps to pull the dead hair out effectively. Look at all of the hair from Sadie:

It looks almost like a cat. And she is STILL shedding. Guess it is that warm weather causing it, so it is worth it.

Yeah, these pictures aren't the most exciting, are they? I don't know what happened, but I just haven't been using the camera much and and I've been slacking on the blog, even though there was probably more to blog about this week than most weeks.

Sunday we took a long walk on the Draper trail and nearly got blown away by the out of control wind. Howard almost learned a lesson on the walk. He ran joyfully up to a fence with an angry German Shepard behind it and thrust his nose between into an open space in the fence immediately. Then he came racing back over to us, nose dripping with blood. We thought briefly that maybe he learned that not all dogs love him, but it was a false alarm. His nose is fine, it was just a tiny wound and he now just has a little pink mark. And his confidence in other dogs remains 100%.

Tim took that picture with his new blackberry curve. His other phone died. And the curve is supposed to take good pictures. So far I'm not too impressed, but it does get the job done.

Laura and I went on a walk on Wednesday and while we were walking Monica called and said she was in the area and invited Tim and I do have dinner with her. That sounded like fun and since Laura was with me she was able to get in on the action and she had Ryan come too. We went to Smokey Mountain Pizza which is really close to my house. (***WHEW. Let me just interject here and mention how much I love the way that blogger autosaves so often. The laptop I'm on is a little challenged, and it can't hold a battery charge. So, if it gets unplugged it shuts down. Meanwhile, Sadie was laying under my feet on the cord when all of a sudden, she thought, "Intruder!!! Arm the sirens, certain death is on the way!" and she sprang up and rushed off to do just that, unplugging the laptop on her way.***) Anywho. So, dinner was lots of fun with plenty of good conversation. It was great to see Monica, and she needs to let me know more often when she is in the area.

Today it is supposed to be 52 degrees and sunny. Once the day heats up we are going to take a family walk somewhere.

I've decided just now that I'm going to fully document the day. No more blogging slacking for me!! Hold onto your hats everyone, because tomorrow's blog is going to show the whirlwind of excitement that is my life.


  1. My life is so much a whirlwind this week that I'm already blown away.
    I love how blogger autosaves, too. Keeps me out of trouble.
    Always bring the camera. I find that I just blog around the photos, which serves to job my memory on anything interesting.
    Poor Howie's poor nose.

  2. Yes, I really like that painting and agree that it MUST be worth at least a couple mill. And I loved hanging out with you guys the other night! So much fun. We need to do it again very soon.

  3. I LOVE the Furminator. I use it on my uber-fluffy cat, Whiskers (though, not as often as I should). Anyway...if you think THAT pile of fur is crazy, think of this: My cat is about 1/3 to 1/4 the size of your doggy and I usually get about twice as much fur out of her - if not more. So, it COULD be worse. Your doggies are cute BTW. One more thing...I've been waiting for the next day's super-fabulous and ultra-stellar blog. This one kept be riveted and I need more!

  4. Wow, Alexis, that IS a fluffy cat. Ok, ok, you've motivated me, I'm going to get posting on my super exciting Saturday. :)


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