Mar 31, 2009

A Lovely Evening at the Theater

The busy weekend has come and gone and it didn't disappoint. We swung by Laura's house Saturday before the play, and I was relieved to find that she had given me the correct address. I'm still not 100% sure that she isn't involved in some kind of illegal goings on over there, but she had hidden it well and I saw no sign of it. Except for the evil torture device in place on the couch that she forgot to hide. But other than that no sign.

Then off to the theater we all went. On the way there Tim suggested that we stop and stock up on candy from a gas station since they charge a million dollars for candy at the theater. This is where Laura purchased a box of mini tootsie rolls which you'll hear more about soon. The play was Dial "M" For Murder and it was great. The story never lagged and it kept me riveted. I loved the ending too. I would say it was one of the better plays we've seen this season. After the lights went out we all started quietly and sneakily peeling open our boxes of candy. Laura munched down a good half a box of mini tootsie rolls and when intermission rolled around we were all horrified/laughing our asses off when we saw the condition they were in.

I feel better now about the fact that I started laughing so hard I was crying and took a picture, because Laura is alive and well. Those mini toosie rolls were OLD. Some of them were even quite obviously deteriorated. But, she is ok. Never fear. After the play we ate dinner at Chilie's. And then we went to a game store where we each bought a game and then went to Laura and Ryan's to play them.

We only played one of them and need to get together soon to play the other. Tim loves games and I like them a lot too, so it was exciting to find out that Ryan loves them also. Laura can be picky about the games she likes, for example, they must involve good art work and preferably they should be murder mystery games. We kept asking the store owner which games people got murdered in and then we selected Bang. It was quite fun, and Laura pronounced near the end of the night that she officially liked the game. Hopefully the other game will be fun too. Also at the game store you can pay a couple of dollars and hang out there and play the store's games if you're too cheap to invest in them before you know if you like them. There was this game called Killer Bunnies that I was really intrigued by and I'm stoked to go to the store and test it out soon. Anyone played it? On a side note, while we were playing games their dog Rocco kept saying hi to me, and I was encouraging him by giving him lots of attention. Once I heard him getting a nice big drink. Shortly after he approached me for some more lovin', face covered in droplets of water. I kept petting him and naively thought all was well. Then a few minutes later, I noticed that his water bowl was totally empty. The wheels began turning. Yup, all of the droplets of water were from the toilet. Yum!! I had a pretty good laugh about that. Laura really got me back for laughing about her toxic chocolate candies episode. Excellent thinking Laura.

On an unrelated note, I laughed when I saw Tim had prepared himself a nice variety bowl of cereal. We were out of bowls, but look how he took advantage of that fact and turned it into an advantage. What a businessman.

Mar 27, 2009

Ick and Uck but now - yippie!!

I haven't had much to blog about, as I haven't left the house much except for work in the past two weeks. The week before last I came down with some glorified cold type thing, and by that I mean a cold accompanied by fever. Kind of flu like, but I had the flu shot so I'm not sure if it just wasn't very effective this year or if this was something different. Anyway, by the weekend I was starting to feel better and that is when Tim came down with it and was sick for almost a week. It was especially lame, because we actually had plans one of the weekends. My boss had invited my team and our families over to his house for dinner one of the nights. My boss is the bomb, so I was really excited to go, but alas, I was still sick. The following night we had a murder mystery party to attend, and by that time I was feeling a tad better, but Tim was coming down hard with the fever. It was very disappointing. I've always wanted to go to a murder mystery party, but I knew Tim and I would both be ready for bed around the time we arrived, not to mention we'd of gotten everyone else sick.

But, it is a brand new phase in our lives folks! The phase where neither of us is all feverish and coughing everywhere. So of course, we have exciting plans. Oh. Wait a minute. Is it Friday night? Yes? What am I doing you ask? Well, blogging, isn't it obvious? However, as soon as I finish blogging I'm going to sit on the couch with Tim and read while he plays Halo. Man, it seems we are losers. But, him more than me I have to say, I'm not the one wearing a headset right now. OH! But, before this we took the dogs for a nice walk. So there. And, tomorrow we actually are pretty booked solid with exciting plans. We are going to head on over to Laura and Ryan's place. Which, in itself is pretty darned exciting. Because, they have lived there for well over a year and this is the first time we will see their place since they moved in. Over the past year I've been inviting myself over all the time and dropping hints. For example, we were going for a walk one day and I said I'd just come to her house and we'd walk from there. "Noo!!" she quickly objected, "my neighborhood SUCKS to walk in!!!" And the excuses go on and on. But now, it seems it is finally happening. Although, I suspect she has given me the wrong address. I'm very excited to find out the truth tomorrow. I hope she has hidden all of the incriminating evidence that clearly is hanging out all over her place and found a new place to house her prisoner for the day. Don't believe her when she comments and claims she hasn't been doing illegal things over there. Next, we will all be heading over to The Pioneer Theater to see Dial M For Murder. It looks really awesome. Next, a sophisticated dinner. Oh, boy, outside world, here I come!!!

Mar 21, 2009

Shorty Got Lo Lo Lo Lo Lo Lo Lo.....

Remember back when I said Tim's bowling birthday party music video was going to be released "soon"? By soon, I obviously meant more than a month later. Well, Tim has finally finished editing it, and I'm proud to be able to finally post it here. I think my favorite parts are those where Tim busts out his dance moves. He really has some good moves. I think you'll see what I mean. Not that mine are anything to sneeze at, but they don't quite measure up.

Mar 19, 2009

Sunday Special Edition - Cooking with Sadie

I had to make a separate blog entry for Sunday, because in addition to what I was up to, Sadie demanded that I post a tutorial where she enlightens us on how to cook proper French toast. I'll leave the best for last.

The weather was really nice Sunday, so we drove up to City Creek Canyon. It is about half an hour away, as opposed to the five minutes it takes to get to the Draper path, but City Creek Canyon is SOO much more beautiful and plus variety is the spice of life and what not.

We saw a huge group of Spanish speaking people filling plastic grocery bags with some tiny lilly pad looking things that grow on the surface of the water in one particular area of the canyon. We have seen the same people before doing the same thing. I suppose they don't understand that stomping through all of the delicate roots of these plants and ripping most of them out might ruin the plant life and deprive others of its beauty. We're pretty baffled as to what they use it for, but probably they eat it. Does anyone know what in the world it is?

Ok, on to more important subjects... dun dun dunnnnn.... Cooking with Sadie!!

First, she likes to mix together eggs, milk and vanilla flavoring - heavy on the eggs.

Next, she reaches over for the bread. She does this standing upright on two legs, because she is a human.

Then, she likes to test the bread out to ensure the quality meets her standards.

She then selects a new slice of bread from the bag and shoves it in the general direction of the mixture. She curses for a few moments at the injustice of not having opposable thumbs. Contrary to what you might believe, Sadie curses like a sailor, and often.

Once she dips both sides of the bread in the mixture, she puts it on the gridle. When the time is right, she awkwardly flips the bread with a spatula. Argh!!! Curse these useless paws!!! *%# #^#^# #(&)&* !!@## !!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You don't want to know...)

Finally, oh finally, she sits down at the table for a quiet meal by herself. Note she didn't make any extra to share with the other humans she lives with, because they never share with her. The embarrassing reality is, they make her eat on the floor, and they make her eat the same thing day in and day out. In fact, they don't even let her eat as much as she wants! Curses. But, revenge is so sweet!

Mar 18, 2009

Super Saturday

My motivation to post about Saturday went downhill when it came time to actually plug in the camera and download the pictures. It always seems like it is gonna be such a hassle. As it turns out, it WAS. It took me more than an hour to get to this step of actually composing a blog post because the laptop decided it wasn't gonna connect to the internet. Tim and I bested it though. I guess. Unless its plan all along was to waste an hour of our time.. in which case, well, I don't have to spell it out for you.

Plus, I seem to have gotten sick AGAIN, this is the second time this month. I never get sick either. It is lame. And going to bed at 8:30 is really cramping my style having time to blog wise. It is 8:48 right now, seriously, what am I doing up so late??

Anyway, the weekend was so incredible that I think I'm going to have to break this blog post into one per day.

First order of business Saturday morning: Must sit on couch and each dink around on the internet/read a book with coffee.

The laptop was apparently too far away (two feet) for Tim, so he had to resort to surfing the net on his phone.

Howie's first order of business after a good night's rest is to take a nap of course.

And Sadie must groom mommy. Mommy just doesn't know what is best for her, does she? Good thing she has a Sadie to keep her clean.


Zeus had fun lurking.

Next, I noted how hairy the carpet was. I decided to document this stunning finding before I vacuumed it up. Sadie wanted to know just what in the sam hell I was up to, and how could she help? I laid down on the carpet to take this picture, and Sadie rushed in out of no where and demanded to know what was going on.

After cleaning up the house, I taught myself how to French braid pig tails. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be, a skill worth learning I've decided.

Then, we took the pups on a drive in Tim's newly rebuilt Mustang* to the Draper trail. Howard breathed in some fresh air and looked really cute and dorky.

Sadie and I took a picture together to document the day. See how I'm trying to pull off my new hat?

The day was nice and warm. We even saw what looked like a bald eagle out spreading its wings.

We had a good time stretching our legs walking.

Tim had to watch the Jazz game. I was caught up in a book called Crisis by Robin Cook, it was really good.

Apparently the Jazz game was a real nail biter..

So, there you have it, a typical Saturday in our household.

*Sadly, the Mustang crapped out again on the way home. The good news is, it wasn't Tim's fault. It was the fault of the guy who built the bottom end. Whatever that is. Still devastating though and Tim felt pretty sad about it.

Mar 14, 2009

Dogs and Life

When we don't have much going on we like to spend some time sitting on the couch. Tim is often excited to play Halo (quite addicting I hear) and I'll normally be involved in a book. Howard will almost always come up on the couch too, and sometimes Sadie if she feels she can take the time off from her busy job of guarding the house. I was sitting in that small area between Sadie and Howard. It was very cozy. While you're at it, check out the awesome painting in the background. We scored this for like 10 dollahs at a garage sale. I feel like it is probably worth thousands, if not millions.

And this next picture illustrates a downside to owning dogs. They get hair everywhere. You've got to vacuum thoroughly at least once a week. I did start using The Furminator, a brush that really helps to pull the dead hair out effectively. Look at all of the hair from Sadie:

It looks almost like a cat. And she is STILL shedding. Guess it is that warm weather causing it, so it is worth it.

Yeah, these pictures aren't the most exciting, are they? I don't know what happened, but I just haven't been using the camera much and and I've been slacking on the blog, even though there was probably more to blog about this week than most weeks.

Sunday we took a long walk on the Draper trail and nearly got blown away by the out of control wind. Howard almost learned a lesson on the walk. He ran joyfully up to a fence with an angry German Shepard behind it and thrust his nose between into an open space in the fence immediately. Then he came racing back over to us, nose dripping with blood. We thought briefly that maybe he learned that not all dogs love him, but it was a false alarm. His nose is fine, it was just a tiny wound and he now just has a little pink mark. And his confidence in other dogs remains 100%.

Tim took that picture with his new blackberry curve. His other phone died. And the curve is supposed to take good pictures. So far I'm not too impressed, but it does get the job done.

Laura and I went on a walk on Wednesday and while we were walking Monica called and said she was in the area and invited Tim and I do have dinner with her. That sounded like fun and since Laura was with me she was able to get in on the action and she had Ryan come too. We went to Smokey Mountain Pizza which is really close to my house. (***WHEW. Let me just interject here and mention how much I love the way that blogger autosaves so often. The laptop I'm on is a little challenged, and it can't hold a battery charge. So, if it gets unplugged it shuts down. Meanwhile, Sadie was laying under my feet on the cord when all of a sudden, she thought, "Intruder!!! Arm the sirens, certain death is on the way!" and she sprang up and rushed off to do just that, unplugging the laptop on her way.***) Anywho. So, dinner was lots of fun with plenty of good conversation. It was great to see Monica, and she needs to let me know more often when she is in the area.

Today it is supposed to be 52 degrees and sunny. Once the day heats up we are going to take a family walk somewhere.

I've decided just now that I'm going to fully document the day. No more blogging slacking for me!! Hold onto your hats everyone, because tomorrow's blog is going to show the whirlwind of excitement that is my life.

Mar 7, 2009

Jazz Game VIPs

We got the hook up on some Jazz tickets Wednesday night. Tim's friend Trae's brother's wife's brother is apparently in charge of Jazz ticket sales. Could you follow that? If so, I am very impressed. He was able to give us a couple of extra tickets. We went to a VIP buffet before the game, which I thought I was getting for free (even though I was told it was twelve dollars). We felt really important because Trae's brother Jim* was carted around personally by Alfonzo*. We asked Jim if it was time to head to our seats for the game, and Jim was like "Oh, no, no. Alfonzo always comes and gets me." And it was true. Alfonzo was all spruced up in a nice suit and he escorted us across the court to our seats. I should probably reveal that we didn't even have to cross the court and really it was a big hassle because it took like 20 minutes longer to get to our seats that way than if we had just taken the regular route. But, I have to admit, even though I felt like a dork going out of my way to cross the court, it was cool. Because we walked across right when The Jazz were walking in on the opposite corner of the court. So right when we walked out there was this dramatic music and Tim got all exited and delusional for a minute and caught himself throwing up his arms to receive the applause from all of his fans. It would be a real let down if Tim ever realized it was The Jazz being cheered for and not him. Don't tell him. It could have been cooler though, because Jim told us that last time he went to a game he walked out actually WITH The Jazz and it was really exciting, but also scary because he was sure he was about to be trampled by Ronnie Brewer who was right behind him.
Here are Tim and Jim in the buffet.
And here is Tim in our seats. I told him to look excited. Just now I asked him why in the world he looks so terrible in this picture, and he said, "what do you mean?" Ahh. I was just cracking myself up about that.
Don't ask ME why the only action shot I got is of the opposite team dribbling towards THEIR basket.
I was surprised to find that I had a great time. I'm not really all that into basketball, but we were close enough to actually see the players' facial expressions and see how big they all are. I found myself actually paying attention the whole time. It was pretty amazing. It doesn't hurt that Deron Williams and Boozer are hot. No, doesn't hurt at all.
Oh, and another exciting thing about the evening is that Tim drove the Mustang to the game! Poor Musty was broken for a long time, so this was really exciting. Here Tim is, looking marginally more excited than he did during The Jazz game.
* Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Mar 3, 2009

A Few Good Pictures

Tim had jury duty last week. At least, he thought he did. Unfortunately he didn't. And I say unfortunately, because the public was deprived of seeing him all dressed up for jury duty:

Driving on the freeway last week we say a truck driving the wrong direction. AhhhhhhHHHhhhhhh!!!!!!!! It's headed right for me!!!!

Barber rolls is one dinner I can make that actually tastes good. It is really simple, smash some rolls into a cupcake pan. Fill with ground browned meat mixed with brown sugar and tons of bbq sauce. Top with grated cheese and extra bbq sauce. Cook 'er in the oven until the rolls are done. Even I can handle this recipe.
When I was ready to take them out of the oven I couldn't find the pot holder. Sometimes when you leave it close to the edge of the counter Howard will stretch his brontosaurus neck up there and spy it. When that happens he snatches it down and runs off somewhere (usually the back yard) with his prize to lick it clean if you're lucky, and destroy it if you're not. Sure enough, I found the pot holder in the back yard. And which fate did it it have you must be dying to know? This one:
*sigh* Time to buy new potholders again. Howard is sooo lucky he has that winning personality and those handsome looks.

Mar 1, 2009

Sammy Comes to Town

My friend Sammy is in town. I met her in 4th grade and we've been friends ever since. She is pretty much the coolest. She is always so much fun to hang out with and so is her boyfriend Josh. Tim and I wish the teleporter would come out already at a reasonable price so we can hang out with them regularly.

We played a very professional game of Texas Holdum. After a few hands things really heated up and we got into a brawl. You can see my face contorted in a mask of anger so intense it appears to be a smile. Sammy sprung on Tim and began choking him. Tim and Josh was the only ones who was able to remain civil. Josh had the decency to look embarrassed by our terrible behavior, and Tim was very confused.
But, it turns out that even Josh isn't made of stone, and he was soon infuriated by my look of cocky insolence and was forced to punch me in the face. Tim still appears to be as docile as a lamb here, but if you look carefully you can see his hand is reaching menacingly towards Sammy's. Just after this picture was taken he body slammed her down on the table, breaking it into splinters in a most ungentlemanly fashion.
We had to take a few minutes to make a quick run to the hospital and tidy up before heading to the pool hall. Here is an action shot of Sammy.
And here are her and Josh plotting their strategy against Tim and I.
Sammy and I were both taking lots of funny pictures. Here she is taking some serious action shots of her own.
I was pretty jealous of her hat. I've been wanting one of these fashionable hats for awhile, but I never see them around. Sammy had seen some earlier across the street from where we were playing pool. So, we ran over there to check them out. There weren't any that were quite perfect, but really, when am I going to bother going shopping again, so I picked one up. I'm still a little concerned that I'm not going to be able to pull it off. I'm not very fashionable is the problem.
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