Yin and Yang

In honor of this holiday I think I'll take this opportunity to get just sappy about the husband. Husband, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

You and I have a special voice and special words we use around each other. Mainly because both of us would be way too embarrassed to ever use them in front of anyone else. It is kind of like Sadie's voice, but way stupider. We still manage to outdo ourselves though and come up with ways to make it even stupider and thus more hilarious. Cute voice/word contests are the bomb.

You are hilarious and fun. You always manage to come up with new dances or songs that crack me up.

You are a sap. Not in the traditional flowers and poems for special occasions way. Actually not even in the remembering special occasions at all way. But in the every day way. You like to snuggle, you like love songs, you'll watch chick flicks with me, you like having long conversations with me, and you are so attached to our dogs, I can only imagine what a great dad you're going to make.

You think I'm a hottie just how I am when I don't do a thing to myself. I know you aren't just saying so, because you hate when I wear make up. You grimace and ask me what in the world have I done to my face. And it isn't that I'm bad at putting on make up, or put too much make up on, it is that you actually think I look better without it. And you don't think that about most women, so it isn't just that you're some kind of hippie. That is pretty flattering stuff.

And probably most importantly, you're my yang. Or, maybe my yin. Whichever you want to be I guess. I'm socially inept, you're socially awesome. You push me to get out and be more social, which I always end up having fun doing. I'm all logic, you are all compassion. I am a worrier, you are laaaiiiiddd back.

So, happy Valentine's day, and now lets go not celebrate it by playing some pool instead of spending money on each other and doing something sappy, because I know you won't remember anyway, but it is all good because see above. But, I might arrange the pool balls in a heart shape just to be festive and make a big scene out of taking a dramatic picture. You know that sounds awesome, but maybe not quite as awesome as this was:


  1. Thank you baby. You are the sweetest. I guess that makes you my yin since I'm your yang. It is pretty amazing how opposite we are, but how that balances us out. We both benefit from it. Of course we are the same in the right ways (Political opinion, philosophies, activities, morals, etc...) I love you and Happy Valentines!

  2. Awww, what a great couple you make! You put the happy in the V-day.

    PS I couldn't get that stupid Neer, Neer song out of my head for the longest time. Maybe you should consider writing jingles for a career......

  3. Very sweet. You guys do make a great couple. Having fun together is so very important, and you seem to excel at that.
    Happy Valentine's day to you both.
    Mountain Mama, sounds like you've suffered from that Neer Neer addiction that's going around. We all await Eric's sure-cure. (whatever that turns out to be!)

  4. You two are definitely a dangerous duo (TNT after all). I'm kinda scared that your kids will be dynamite.

    Did you do the heart-shaped eight-ball rack? That would be awesome.

    You posted lots of good pics. I had forgotten that one of you two down at Lake Powell.

    To those interested:

    The cure for the pernicious "Neer-Neer" affliction is very expensive. I only take payment up front. You can send checks to:

    Scheming Liars Inc.
    Attn: Eric Meier
    1 Bikini Dr.
    Paradise Island, Bahamas

  5. Mountain Mama I hear there is a very legitimate business selling a cure for your addiction.

    Eric, we pansied out and didn't even go to Fats. What losers! Maybe I can still do the heart shaped rack, I do think it would be cool. And good work starting your very honest business. Say, do you need a jingle? Maybe Laura and I could provide you with one that will really help amp up business...


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