Happity Bappity Husband!

It is Tim's 30th birthday today, which is pretty cool, since 30 is the new 20. That is what I hear the rappers say anyway, and you know they know what they're talking about.

To celebrate his birthday he invited a bunch of people to go bowling on Saturday. For not inviting people until the last minute, there was quite an impressive turn out.

Tim likes to wear these old man polyester suits that he gets from the thrift store whenever the opportunity presents itself, and bowling is obviously such an opportunity. He selected an amazing silk shirt with gold plastic buttons and a pattern involving cacti, playing cards, marijuana leaves, rope, and steer horns. I thought he looked pretty funny, but he was overshadowed. On the way to the bowling ally his friend Dustin called him and said, "I sure hope this guy wandering around the parking lot is with us. He is wearing a mask." When we arrived Nate was waiting casually wearing a fat suit wrestler style costume with a matching mask made from spandex sequin material.
I'm pretty confident that no one noticed Tim's awesome silk shirt except Dustin, who noticed because as it turned out it used to be Dustin's shirt. No one knows why Tim now has it. Dustin's son Tristan wanted to put on the fat costume, and thus a trend began.
Tim sported it hillbilly style like overalls.
Several lucky people bowled wearing the suit and then Tim and I shook our booties in it. I had a lot of practice dancing as a large woman from Halloween, so I knew just how to work that. But Tim put me to shame with all of his fancy pants dance moves. We got lots of video footage and had the idea to make it into a music video set to the Lo Lo rap song, the one about how "she wore them baggy sweat pants and them Reebok's with them straps". That song rules. I just found out thought that I've been saying it wrong this whole time. Tim put himself in charge of editing the video, and it will be released soon. After that we're probably gonna have to quit our day jobs to handle all of the demand for more music videos.

I was gonna do a painting for Tim's bday. I didn't want him feeling short changed since I've been doing a painting for family members' bdays lately. But it is tough to do a surprise painting when the birthday boy keeps accidentally seeing it. And as it turns out I don't have the motivation to finish once the cat is out of the bag. At least I did make a couple of birthday cakes for the bowling party. Which I think anyone would have to admit were worth a painting. Especially because when I started writing "Happy Birthday Tim" on the white cakes with green icing the icing had some liquid leak out all over and also wasn't enough frosting to do both cakes. I really had to improvise. Note to self: green is actually not a very appetizing color. Fortunately, I took some pictures to document the splendor for anyone who missed out.
Oh, and here is Tim with the cake, note his fancy shirt.


  1. You and Tim in the fat suit are pretty hilarious. The redneck style adds a lot. Love the fancy shirt.

  2. Tim's fancy shirt does look marvelous...also, you seem to be at your most confident when you appear to be about 100 lbs overweight, and I really can't deny that you look beyond fantastic with all those new curves.


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