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This week has been more exciting than I ever could have dreamed. I have been producing a LOT of snot, and I'm told it is very valuable. I intend to sell it on Ebay and pay off the mortgage with my profits. The beauty of this scheme is that I am able to produce my product at very little cost. Or, maybe I'll dry up the snot by becoming a drug addict. I won't tell you which I've been doing, but I will hint that both options might contain an element of truth. I don't want to say which parts are true though, because I worry it might not be as exciting of a blog if I do, and I don't want to cramp your styles. So, use your imaginations. Let them soar! I don't have any pictures to go along with this blog, except for from the Jazz game, so I'll periodically insert an old one to jog your creativity. Like this one from one of Tim's jobs. He is still hoping he'll end up on the cover of a construction magazine for it:

I came down with the plague on Sunday, but the big money (snot) didn't really hit until yesterday. I have been just rolling in the money since then. And the drugs. It is like I'm a celebrity, with all of this money and drugs. Tim and I were supposed to go to the Jazz game Monday night, but I had too much money to spend, so I had him go with his friend Trae instead who is not an important celebrity like me. Here is the view from their seats.
Here is a random hot dog in the stadium. Tim was cracking up thinking about how one manages to have just the hot dog fall onto the ground without the bun accompanying it.
Instead of going to the game I watched this movie called Waitress that was a Sundance movie, and it was actually quite good. Except for how it didn't star me. Obviously it should have. But, considering it didn't, you know it must have been good for me to say so.

Before I came down with the plague, we had a fun and busy weekend. Friday night we went to Fats and it was a blast. Pool is always a lot of fun for us because we are evenly matched. Neither of us has to feel bad beating the other so we can really give it our all. Tim was on a roll that night and was really cracking me up doing silly things in public. I can't really remember any examples, but he kept using these "phrases" that didn't actually make any sense. It was funny. He creamed me at pool too. Here is a picture that is not from Fats. But, it could have been.

Saturday we headed up Millcreek Canyon with the dogs to cross country ski. It apparently had melted and refrozen one too many times because we could barely control ourselves on the way down. It was nearly pure ice. I guess skiing is done for the season unless we get more snow. Which is awesome, because that means SPRING is almost officially here!! While we were out we picked up a nice cabinet for $30 that was advertised on Craigslist. We want to put in our bathroom because we don't have a cabinet in there right now. Then, Tim is going to retile the shower and floor using leftover tile from a job. Because cheap is how we roll.
We went to see Romeo and Juliet. And I have to say, I was disappointed. I just didn't remember that Romeo was such a whiny loser. I didn't remember either how he was moping about over some other chick before even meeting Juliet. There is a lot of cool dialog, but I'm just not smart enough to decipher it all in a play, I would have to actually read it. Anyway, it was kind of boring, but I guess we are more cultured and what not now or something.

Next, we had to rush to a party with a bunch of Tim's old friends. It was fun to see everyone and there was lots of good conversation to be had. I fell blissfully asleep afterward, completely unaware of what was to afflict me the next morning. And now, here I am, floating around in a haze of cold medicine drugs, marveling over how when I press my finger to the side of my nose next to my eye I can feel it squish. I am excited though, because I had run low on reading material, but yesterday I went to the library and picked out a huge stack of books that looked good. Just think of all of the new favorite authors I could discover!
Here is a picture I forgot about. After I get done working out, sometimes I'll be really into whatever show or movie I was watching so I'll sit on the stairs and finish watching it. Howard often joins me. We were sitting just like this for a good 15 minutes before Tim took the picture.
And this picture really, really doesn't belong here, but I found it on Tim's phone when I was getting the other pictures from his phone. It is from the Park City hotel where we stayed on our wedding night before we took off to Lake Tahoe. It looks like I have enormous boobs. At least one enormous boob anyway. Interesting. It must be true.


  1. Huh. I can't believe that I never noticed how huge that one boob is. Looks pretttty impressive if you ask me.

  2. I love the style of this post...stream of consciousness rules.

  3. Thanks Laura, my self confidence has been lifted like a soaring eagle by your agreement of how amazing my one boob is.

    Monica, interesting. I didn't realize the post had a style, but I find I think it is cooler now. :)

  4. Yes, definitely a style. Somewhat cool and most decidedly different.
    Hope the snot on ebay and drug problems are over.


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