The Bomb

We are going to see Flight of the Conchords in May with Laura and Ryan. Flight of the Conchords has this song called Business Time, and if you haven't seen the music video you have been cheating yourself. It is probably the most amazing music video of all time, although not for long, as it is soon to be trumped by the video that Laura and I will be releasing. I feel very confident that this will be worth your while, in fact, if you do not find it worth your while it will mean that the Earth has just spun right off of its axis and we are being sucked into the Sun for certain death. Just warning you.

Speaking of music videos, Laura and I have been working tirelessly to complete ours. Our song only ended up being 41 seconds long, so we decided we need to re-record it so as not to deprive our fans of some of the great footage we have for the music video.


  1. Seeing Flight of the Concords should be fun. i note that they have a show or movie or something on HBO. We've caught a little of it. Pretty funny.
    Business Time is a classic. I had to listen to it again. I think that shows a sick mind.

  2. Tess, I CANNOT wait for your music video collaboration with Laura. I know it's gonna be epic. And by the way, I love FOTC. So funny.

  3. Tess and Laura -- we are all on the edges of our seats.


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