Winter Solstice Fail and Ember Mom Fail

I was gonna post about how excited I was that today was the winter solstice, when it came to my attention that it was actually a month ago. Which is pretty exciting because, woah, we are a whole month into days getting longer!!! And then also not exciting, because being a whole month off is sort of embarrassing. But, more exciting than not, since soon enough, I'll have to warn people again that Sadies in mirror are closer than they appear.

Also, even though Ember has been doing the annoying yowling throughout the night thing for years, it turns out there was a perfectly good reason it peaked recently. Now, keep in mind, he has a room with a litter box. There is also a doggie door which he is at full liberty to use, but I think he is scared of it because it clanks. But, in spite of those things, I am still a terrible Ember mom, because his kitty door was locked. I heard him pathetically scratching at his kitty door a couple of nights ago, and after investigating found it was in the locked position. It has been locked for a month now, ever since my parents' dog Daisy was in town and I didn't want Ember going out when she was out for fear of his being eaten like a tiny scrumptious snack. Anywho, as you may have guessed, the yowling has been taken down a notch since his door is unlocked now.


  1. Aw, poor Ember. And here we were thinking he'd lost his marbles, when it was actually his mom who...
    Well, we'll leave that unsaid.
    Hey, only a month off on winter solstice isn't bad! I was just thinking that spring equinox is coming up and counted the months wrong at first. So, you're in excellent company. Your defect is, I'm sure, a DNA problem.

  2. I'm so happy that the Ember mystery has been solved. Poor kitty.

  3. Yes, a DNA problem I'm sure. :)
    Monica, I just realized I never responded to your last comment where you said you knew an Ember who was wack. LOL. I gotta start using that term! Yes, it is great to sleep through the night for a few nights.


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