Weekend in Frozeevelt (Updated)

I forgot to put this picture of Tim in, he was really showing off his stuff, so I have to add it now so as not to deprive his large male stripper following of his glory.

And then this picture, where Tim is rather inappropriately revealing himself. And might Tim remind you all, that this is in zero degree weather, so in regular temperatures you can only imagine...

Tim and I went to Roosevelt over the weekend to my parent's house to get in a little more visiting with Eric before he left town. I got this picture from the back porch and I didn't change the colors or anything. My parents see the most amazing sunsets there. We had fun playing 9 letter scrabble, my idea, 9 letters for 2009 I said. Although really I'm just lazy and find it to be a lot of work to make words with 7 letters sometimes. Especially when the players make short words and there isn't anywhere left to build. 9 letter scrabble was actually pretty fun. Next, I want to try 9 letter creative scrabble, where it has to be a real word, but you can get creative on the spelling. Like unkle, or doggz for example. So far no one will play it with me, but it is only a matter of time. I told Tim to pose like my mom is really pissed and is hitting him over the head with a bottle of rum, like redrum style. Obviously neither of them got the memo that redrum happens under the most dire of circumstances.

We played pictionary too, which was a lot easier than any of us remembered, not that it wasn't fun. We ate lots of fudge and yummy buttery powdered sugar cookies that my mom makes. We tried to watch a movie, but my parents' dvd player wouldn't work. They said they haven't used it since last Christmas, which is pretty cool. Tim gave it CPR...

but he couldn't revive it.

We were able to watch the movie using a laptop though, so it was all good.

We got in a walk, although it was quite chilly and windy so the walk didn't last too long. Our destination was the "Sticky up" aka a big pole. Pretty awesome destination, right??

Eric was bold enough to try sticking his tongue to it, and I had to give it a whirl too.

Afterward it was pointed out to me that the top of the pole was white from bird poop, and my helpful family was kind enough to show me the faint lines of white poop that had dribbled all down the pole. Fortunately, I had wiped it off first. That counts as sanitary I think if you wipe it off first. I guess if I quit blogging anytime soon you'll know I caught some weird bird poop disease. I thought Salt Lake was cold, but after being in Roosevelt Eric noted that Salt Lake felt downright balmy, and I have to agree, hence the name of this blog.


  1. lol that picture of Tim trying to revive the DVD player is pretty hilarious. He looks so heartbroken when he realizes that he's failed...also your hiking destination was brilliant.

  2. oh and creative spelling scrabble is probably one of the best ideas ever.

  3. Pretty funny blog. Frozevelt? Yeck, it wasn't even cold when you were here. Today, though, was a different story. High temp was 9.

  4. Laughing my ass off. :) Oh, and I forgot to tell you that it was like -20 in the pass on the way home! Even though it wasn't actually Roosevelt, it still influenced my renaming decision.

  5. K, since you just commented on this post earlier today, I think it would be safe for me to assume that you have not fallen victim to any weird bird poo disease. Thanks goodness!

  6. Tess, you are very funny. Your family is very entertaining and this comment section is a hoot!


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