Jan 20, 2009

Village path

A whole shopping center including a huge Wal Mart and this village of townhomes got built near our house. The thing that is cool about the whole thing is that this path was built above it all. It only takes about five minutes to walk to the beginning of the path from my house. No one else seems to know about the path, or maybe they don't care, because I hardly ever see anyone on it. Which means I feel free to let the pups off their leashes. The path is only maybe a mile long each way, but including the walk from my house it is a pretty good place to take the dogs after work. The townhomes are painted in different colors so I always feel a little like I'm on the outskirts of whoville. Look at all of the gross smog over the city.


  1. That path is a great place to go for a relatively short walk. The dogs sure enjoy it.
    The townhomes do look a little like Who-ville!

  2. Oh! That looks so quaint and charming. Maybe I should take lucy goose out there sometime to run with the puppy dogs.

  3. Laura, yes, puppies would love to see the lucy goose. I almost said luce goose, but then I realized it is a slippery slope and I shouldn't go there. Umm.. anyway. Yes.

  4. lol that's pretty funny. I actually typed "luce goose" first and then changed it.


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