Saturday Sledding

Yesterday we went sledding up Neff's Canyon. Neff's is the best sledding place ever. It is steep enough to get going really fast on the way down, and you can hike up quite a ways, and have a nice long ride down instead of boring style sledding where you just walk up the same hill over and over again. Here is Tim on the walk up.

I got a little out of control in the following video. But, that was because it has been warm lately and it hasn't snowed much more and I underestimated how packed down and icy the trail was. I had a tough time digging my heels in enough, and during the video you can see it is a good thing the people heading up the trail moved out of the way, because I could not stop and nearly plowed into Tim because he slowed down there. You can also see where I almost ram Howard at full speed, and then a minute later where I almost careen off the edge of the trail. It was an action packed sled ride. I'm not sure how safe it is to film while you're sledding, but it was fun.

This is a longer video that Tim took, he was a lot better than me at filming while sledding. About halfway through you can see Howard tackle Sadie off to the right. And just ignore how foolish I look at the beginning, I didn't know he was filming yet.

After we got home we headed over to Fat's for some pool. The owner was having a huge gathering which was taking place right at the end of our pool table, so that put a bit of a damper on pool. It was still fun, but we kept having to ask people to move and having people run into our pool cues.
After we got home, I realized that the next play we had season tickets for had just happened that night. That was a bummer. I'm hoping we can reschedule.
Oh, and before sledding we had some delicious waffles I made. I was proud of how perfect they turned out.


  1. Whoa, your sledding seems a bit out of control! Maybe filming while trying to control direction wasn't such a great idea.
    Waffles look good. You've mastered the art.

  2. I WANNA GO!!!!!!!!! That looks like so much fun.

  3. Very different from our Australian weather. It's 100 degrees all week here!


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