Old School

Here are some pictures from a fall hike up Millcreek Canyon. We are throwing down some serious gang signs here. Well, I am anyway. Tim is doing something that seems pretty gangsta too, but I really couldn't say what. Come to think of it, I have no clue what the gang sign I'm flashing means either... anyone know? It isn't as cool as when I spell out blood with my fingers like Eric taught me way back in the day though no matter what it means, that's for sure.

I can't explain this picture, except to say that I look awesome in it and don't even get me started on how cool Tim looks.

Here is Tim with his sister Missy and her kids Gavin and Reagan. Look how much alike Tim and Missy look, he says when they were in Jr. High together people who had never met him would ask if he was Missy's brother. Sadie doesn't look like anyone, she just guards the house with her life and hopes that will be enough.

Here is Sadie last Christmas wearing Tim's hoodie. I just had to throw this in for no reason other than I'm a little too obsessed with how cute my dogs are.


  1. That's funny u remember me showing you the blood sign.

    I think your gang sign meant "shoot me now!" You should avoid that one though i understand few gangsters frequent the high wasatch range.

  2. oh and sadie is soooo cute :)

  3. I agree with Eric. Avoid using gansta signs you can't interpret...
    You and Tim do look cool. And Sadie is cute, of course.

  4. Yup. Sadie steals the show here.

  5. Sadie thanks you for your compliments. And actually, the news has been talking about how this shooting recently in SLC was a gang shooting. So, I'll steer clear of the shoot me now gang sign until things cool off.


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